Frank J. Mrvan North Township Trustee Gives Families Their Own Trick or Treat Experience at First Annual Halloween Spooktacular

Frank J. Mrvan North Township Trustee Gives Families Their Own Trick or Treat Experience at First Annual Halloween Spooktacular

On Saturday, Frank J. Mrvan North Township Trustee hosted their first annual Trunk or Treat from 1-3 PM at Wicker Memorial Park in Highland. The event was open to the public free of cost and featured a variety of fun events for the entire family.

Before the event even started, families began to form a long line, waiting for the fun activities to begin. When families were able to enter the park, they first picked out a pumpkin to take home and carve. Then, kids under 12 years old were able to line up to get candy from the different registered community groups, organizations, and business vehicles participating in the Trunk or Treat.

“This year, we decided to do our first Trunk or Treat because it is more accessible for the kids and holds more variety,” said Kelly Bridges, Activities Director for North Township Trustee. “For all of our events, we have always been focused on family. All of the funds from this event go towards funding future events like this.”

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The North Township Trustee is a government agency serving the communities of East Chicago, Hammond, Highland, Munster, and Whiting. North Township, located in Lake County, Indiana, is the second largest of the 1,008 townships in the state. Their primary function is to provide assistance to the less fortunate.

The Trunk or Treat event hosted more activities other than the candy, though! Kids were able to get their face painted, jump in bounce houses, watch a magic show by Ian Tully of Flash Entertainment, compete in a costume contest based on different age groups, and get balloon animals. Food was also provided for $3 and consisted of a hot dog, water, and chips.

“This is our son's first Halloween so we wanted to make it special by going to a lot of kid-friendly Halloween events around the area,” said attendee Krystal Landing. “I think it is awesome for the local park to hold this for the families of the community. I also believe it is nice that all of the funds go to support future events like this one today.”

Events like the Trunk or Treat are special, especially for families who do not have the chance to experience Trick or Treating on Halloween. Some families do not live in popular neighborhoods for Trick or Treating, or some parents may have to work and are not be able to take their children out on Halloween.

“We came to the event today in order for our children to experience Trick or Treating this year,” said attendee Joseph Talley. “Unfortunately, we will be at the airport on Halloween night and our kids will not be able to Trick or Treat, which is why this event is convenient for our family and other families who cannot participate in Halloween this year.”

The Trunk or Treat event allowed families to enjoy Halloween in a numerous amount of ways at one location.

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