Franciscan Health Michigan City nursing team members make ‘You Can Be a Nurse’ presentation at Edgewood Elementary School

Franciscan-Health-Michigan-City-You-Can-Be-a-Nurse-2019_01 In celebration of National Nurses Week, nursing team members from Franciscan Health Michigan City presented their annual “You Can Be a Nurse” program at Edgewood Elementary School.

Franciscan-Health-Michigan-City-You-Can-Be-a-Nurse-2019_02 The presentation was made on Thursday, May 9, to the third-grade classes at the school. Discussion included topics such as the types of classes to take in high school and college to be a nurse; men in the nursing field; and the types of settings where nurses work.

Franciscan-Health-Michigan-City-You-Can-Be-a-Nurse-2019_03 Booths were set up to show students health demonstrations, including handwashing, how to cover your cough, surgery garb and how an EKG works.