Franciscan Alliance Held Little Black Dress to Promote Healthy Habits

More photos of the Little Black Dress Event can be seen here!

Franciscan Alliance sure knows how to spice up any party! The Spirit of Women 2nd Annual Little Black Dress event was held on the evening of Thursday, November 6, at Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton. Attendees of the event (dressed in all black, of course!) had the opportunity to listen in on informal health presentations and learn health tips they can incorporate into their lifestyle.

Ellen Sharpe, Franciscan Alliance Regional Director of physician and outreach marketing, stated, "We really enjoy doing community events so that we can bring women in and educate them in a way that's fun and entertaining and hopefully inspiring them to take charge of their health."

From skin cancer spot checks to foot evaluations, the event served as a one stop shop for women to get all the information they need in order to live healthy lives. Q&A sessions with physicians, free health screenings, shopping, raffle prizes and refreshments were all included within the evening's agenda.

Amy Delahunty, Franciscan Alliance Outreach & Wellness Specialist, stated, "This event serves as a great opportunity for women to learn about different health topics and get free screenings. We also like to incorporate local businesses in the event; several vendors have set up shop where women can shop a little!"

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the event was the Dessert with the Docs presentations, in which doctors spoke to the women about common diseases many women face today. Dr. Aparajita Das presented Women & Heart Disease, which focused on educating women about the severity of heart disease and what they can do to prevent it. Later, Dr. Easa Ghoreishi presented Hide the Evidence, a presentation about solutions to one problem that everyone faces; wrinkles.

Dr. Das truly emphasized the importance of health screenings. Heart disease in women is a growing issue and often goes unnoticed or caught in its late stages. Although regular screenings may seem pointless at the time, they can make for a big difference in the future.

In conclusion, the Little Black Dress event was one to remember! It demonstrated a blend of creativity while also managing to convey an important message—practicing healthful habits make for a long and happy life.