Fourth of July and Kids Camp in Hobart

Fourth of July and Kids Camp in Hobart

Fourth of July

As the month of June came to a close, an important event made its way quickly into everyone’s lives-- Independence Day. Although many were upset that the first month of summer was over they excitedly awaited the Fourth of July full of parades and fireworks. Hobart is a town that takes the 4th of July holiday very seriously.  Residents of Hobart get so excited about the parade and fireworks that many tape off their designated spot days before to make sure they have a secured spot and great view.

The parade this year was the best according to a majority of the community. It began with the police and firemen as well as the High School ROTC. They included Hobart High School and River Forest’s marching bands, which the crowd loved. This year was the first time the parade covered an extended distance, so more people could view the parade without being overly crowded. Many audience members loved that they had more room but the people in the parade were a little upset that they had to walk longer. Although, they would do just about anything to make the crowd happy.

As soon as the parade was over many families retreated home and did what most American families do on Independence Day -- have a BBQ and swim. Many community members relaxed and ate grub before the firework show started at Festival Park. When the sun started setting family and friends walked and waited for dusk so that the magical firework show could begin. Crowds of Hobart citizens looked up towards the sky in wonderment of the fantastic show that Hobart had in store. 

Kids Camp

This year Hobart High School proudly presented the second annual theatre kids camp. During the summer last year the theatre students decided that they wanted to help the community by hosting a theatre kids camp where kids ages 6-12 had the opportunity to learn all about the theater and perform a skit for the public. Last year the performance was a talent show in which all the kids could perform whatever interesting act they liked such as a skit from The Giving Tree and a dance from the younger children.

This year, however, the directors decided to put on a small play written by assistant director Linny Foerg. This play was a fun take on famous fairy tales but told from a unique perception. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the play and the chance to see it all in action. They get dressed in costume, hair, and makeup. Many kids decided that they would rather learn about the behind the scenes of theatre rather then be on stage and became a vital crew member for the play.

High school students and alumni of the theatre department had a great time having fun and teaching the new generation just how important theatre is. 

Teacher / Adult: Officer Gag. 

A few weeks before the Fourth of July parade, a group from the police department was eager for a first-place win for their float and got to work. Officer Ken Gagliardi had been involved in the police department float for over 20 years and has never won an award. He, creative students, and adults worked very hard for weeks to make the best float they could to showcase their retired police officers. The police department has been leading the parade for many years and this year was no different.

This year is officer Gagliardi’s last year at the police department and in extension, his last year being in charge of the float committee. Next year he will join the retired officers on top of the beautifully crafted float with hopefully another first-place prize. When officer Gagliardi found out he and his team had won first place he was ecstatic. No one had ever seen him so happy. He and his team worked hard and deserved the award!

Student: Orlanders Haymond

When it comes to hobbies most people stick to what they are good at and what they are known for but Orlanders Haymond is unique. For many years of his life he was known as the athlete, involved in almost every sport. Now this High School junior is involved in way more than football.

Starting his freshman year in his first theatre class, he discovered his love for theatre. He wasn’t sure whether or not he wanted to be onstage so he decided to become involved in the crew. In sophomore year, however, he was known for being a fantastic dancer, even could do backflips when needed, so he became ensemble.

He loves helping others so when a fellow theatre member asked for help on the police depart Fourth of July float he eagerly accepted. He spent days volunteering at the police department creating a beautiful first place float for all of the retired police officers to be showcased on. He happily showed off his creative talents by making paper flowers in the shape of the police officer flag. He was very excited to find out the float he worked so hard on won first place.