Fourth graders graduate from ‘Too Good for Drugs’

Fourth graders graduate from ‘Too Good for Drugs’
By: Merrillville Community Schools Last Updated: November 26, 2019

John Wood Elementary School fourth-graders graduated from the Hobart Police Department "Too Good For Drugs" Program today.

This is the second year for the program in the school, and John Wood, due to its location, is the only Merrillville School in the program.

Over 10 weeks, Hobart Police Officer Erik Herbert met weekly with classes and discussed topics such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, vaping and cigarettes and more.

Hobart Police Captain Garrett Ciszewski addressed the graduates at the event, "One poor decision can leave you with a lifetime of regret. We want you to think about things. 

"It's not just the people around you; TV, YouTube, Netflix make things look glamorous," Ciszewski added. "Everyone that starts smoking and vaping wishes they could quit."

Not only does the program provide great information to students, Officer Herbert’s visits help to build positive lasting relationships between children and the police.

"I want you to know that once we get out of this classroom, I'm still here for you," Officer Herbert said.

Each student that completed the program was congratulated and awarded a certificate.