Four Winds Casino connects with community through food truck

Four Winds Casino connects with community through food truck

Four Winds Casino found a new way to connect with their community—through a food truck. The food truck has already introduced their eats to local events and businesses.

Four Winds Casino first made use of a food truck a couple years ago at their South Bend location. They started by using it on a limited basis offering meals through the food truck to those on site while the casino was under construction.

“We tend to generate a lot of buzz when we show up to events because not a lot of people are aware that we have a food truck yet. It’s pretty cool. Most people are excited—they know our quality,” said Domenico Rossi, Executive Chef at Four Winds Casino.

This year, they’ve used the food truck to connect with the community on a regular basis. They serve their classic favorites like burgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, and so much more.

“It’s a great outreach for the community,” Rossi said. “We also work with the local farmers for produce in the summertime, so we’re very keen on sourcing products from right here in our community. We’re all partners in the community. We all like to work together and if they’re selling a product that we can use, we will definitely look at opportunities to partner.”

Rossi said that having their own food truck has given them so many opportunities to get involved with local events and organizations, including the Bridgman Street Dance, Lakeshore Wine Fest, New Buffalo Wine Fest.

Four Winds Casino has supported charity events by donating food truck funds to nonprofits.

The food truck also helped strengthen relationships with local business owners. Four Winds Casino’s food truck participates a couple nights a week at different local businesses, including Watermark Brewing, Arclight Brewing Co., and Round Barn Tasting Room. They park the truck outside for a day and serve food to the businesses’ customers. Rossi said this has helped interact more throughout the local business community.

Rossi said that the staff at Four Winds Casino loves having the food truck and is proud to see it out at community events, where they are making an impact on individuals and organizations.

“I’m hoping we can build a nice legacy,” Rossi said.

Four Winds Casino has four locations, including one in South Bend. For more information about all of the opportunities and events they offer, visit