Five New Lowell Troopers Receive Cars for Solo Patrol

New-Lowell-Troopers-Receive-Cars-for-Solo-Patrol-2017On February 14th, 2017, fifty-five probationary troopers from the 76th Indiana State Police Recruit Academy class were issued their state police cars at the Indiana State Police Youth and Education and Historical Center in Indianapolis. Five of the officers are assigned to the Indiana State Police Lowell Post and start solo patrol in the district which covers Lake, Porter, La Porte, Newton, Jasper, Starke and Pulaski counties. The probationary officers recently completed a three month field training period with veteran troopers. They will serve a one year probationary period before attaining permanent status as a trooper.

In addition to the field training, the new officers received approximately 950 hours of structured training in law enforcement techniques when they were assigned to the Indiana State Police Recruit Academy. The curriculum included criminal law instruction, emergency vehicle operations training, psychology, traffic law, crash investigations, self-defense, first responder, and other general law enforcement related areas.

The new Lowell troopers now on solo patrol are:

Regen Smith, 23 from Cedar Lake, she graduated from Hanover Central High School, received a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Southern Indiana (Evansville).

Alissa Partyka, 22 from Crown Point. She graduated from Crown Point High School. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forensic and Investigative Science and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology for IUPUI in Indianapolis.

Eric Mandry Junior, 21 from Gary. He graduated from Chesterton High School. He is attending Indiana University Northwest to attain his degree in Criminal Justice.

John Landowski, 26 of Justice, Illinois. He graduated from Argo High School. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Westwood College.

Thomas Maymi, 32 of McAllen, Texas. He graduated from Jay County High School. He attended Maryland University and Central Texas College and hopes to receive a degree in Homeland Security. Maymi also spent six years in the Army as an Infantry Airborne Sergeant.