Finding Your Path to Homeownership

horizon-bank-logoAre you ready to find a home? Take the quiz shown below to find out! It will help you determine whether you are on your way to becoming a home owner or whether you should hold off for a while. With Horizon Bank, big financial questions like this are easily answered.

Horizon is a community bank serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Our focus is to anticipate and fulfill customer needs with exceptional service and sensible advice. This philosophy is what has kept us operating under our original charter and growing stronger than ever since 1873. Visit the Horizon Bank website to find out more!

Each Horizon office is led by experienced, local professionals with deep roots in the communities they represent. These professionals are given autonomy that calls for local decision-making, rather than decisions made at a corporate entity hundreds of miles away. With a proud legacy of service, we take seriously our responsibility to assist in the growth and prosperity of the communities we also call home.

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