Find your perfect performance vehicle at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo

Find your perfect performance vehicle at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo

Start your engines and head over to Currie Motors Ford of Valpo to find the perfect performance vehicle for you today. Currie’s inventory includes a wide range of state-of-the-art performance vehicles ready for purchase, including Roush vehicles, lifted trucks, Shelby vehicles, Black Ops trucks, and much more. 

As the number one Roush dealer in many Midwestern states, Currie houses the brands Mustangs, Rangers, F-150s, and others.

“We have an excellent relationship with Roush,” said Currie Sales Manager Cary Green. “It's why we have grown over the last few years, especially with the Roush product, and now being the number one Roush dealer in Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan is why our relationship has only gotten stronger through our trade.” 

“It has a great value to it and has a great name behind it as well too,” added Performance Sales Manager Brendan Rios.

Roush vehicles are designed to stand out and make a statement. The F-150, for example, is designed to be a stellar off-road vehicle, and even better on-road with upgraded suspension that Roush uses with the Fox 2.0. The Roush features make it perfect for a variety of uses, from work to weekend activities, to vacations on any type of terrain, or in any weather condition. 

“Not everybody wants to look like everybody else, right?” Green said. “They want to have a way to differentiate themselves, and still want to have the capability for that F-150 to do the work that it was built to do. Everything that Roush does is tested, and they make sure it's to the highest quality standards of Roush and afford. It is one of the only OEM-backed third-party manufacturers out there.” 

For those eyeing a Bronco, a vehicle not directly manufactured by Roush, it’s still possible to give it that performance vehicle touch with a specialized package. Currie offers R series kits that make it possible to customize Broncos with Roush features, including tires, wheels, and a graphic pack. It’s also possible to add an intake and axle back exhaust as well.

“Roush is pretty quick with getting the new products that Ford is offering at this time as well too,” said Rios. “Being able to add these parts to your vehicle and still coincide with your full factory warranty is probably the biggest benefit of being able to purchase vehicles such as a Bronco and then doing everything yourself.”

Currie additionally has three certified Roush technicians to assist customers with any maintenance questions, including providing parts that customers wish to add on after purchasing, and servicing Roush vehicles as needed.

Lifted trucks are another option for those looking for a performance vehicle at Currie.

“We will lift any truck or SUV for the most part that customers are looking for in stock,” Green said. “We have lifted F-150s. We have lifted Expeditions and lifted Bronco and Bronco Sports. Those are all done in-house. They all are using top of line materials. Everything is going to still maintain your factory payload and towing ratings. And giving customers something a little bit more than what they can get from the manufacturer in terms of off-road capability, we also lower F-150s as well for more of a street performance.”

Currie houses other lifted trucks as well, such as the Tuscany Black-Ops truck with a 5.0L V8 engine which produces 400 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque, and a large variety of Shelby trucks and Mustangs.

Customization on all performance vehicles is a major part of the Currie experience. Any performance vehicle can be customized at the dealership, from Roush to 

lifted, and everything in between. For instance, it is an easy task to perform suspension upgrade lifts, add wheels or all-terrain tires, custom leather interiors, heated seats, and other modifications to make your Currie car a Currie dream come true. 

“There are endless possibilities of customization with the vehicles that we have here,” Rios said. “It’s exactly what you want, exactly the way that you want.”

To learn more about all the performance vehicles available at Currie, head on over to the dealership today to have Green, Rios, and the rest of the sales team show you around, and even schedule a free test drive as well.

“As the customer, you want to work with a dealership and with employees at that dealership that are like-minded, that share your passion for the performance side of what Ford can do,” Green said. “Brendan and I both eat, drink, sleep, the performance vehicles, so, we welcome anybody to come in and take a look at what we've got in inventory available today.”

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