Fighting the stigma of obesity with a one of a kind weight loss program

Fighting the stigma of obesity with a one of a kind weight loss program

Mustafa Nawaka, MD is bringing a one-of-a-kind weight loss program to the residents of Northwest Indiana. It is structured to manage the complexity of obesity by identifying and treating obesity’s causes, including any hormonal or metabolic imbalance, psychological and environmental factors.

Dr. Nakawa ensures sustainable care by providing access to flexible and convenient appointments. He not only transforms the patient’s relationship with food, but also customizes the care plan to meet their individual needs with a combination of weight loss medications, diets, and exercise plans.

“Obesity is a chronic condition in which one treatment/solution cannot work for every patient. Each patient is worked up from the initial evaluation and a treatment plan is tailored to their specific needs,” Dr. Nakawa said.

Many patients who enter the program are on several different medications for other underlying medical conditions, some of which may contribute to obesity. Therefore, a first step for Dr. Nakawa is often to replace current medications that make weight loss more difficult with other options.

Dr. Nakawa offers an integrated weight loss program that makes fighting obesity accessible and affordable to each individual. “This program is open to everyone, regardless of insurance or socioeconomic status,” Dr. Nakawa said. The program charges no fees other than the office visits, which are scheduled monthly to start and then quarterly or semiannually.

Overall, the program, which has been in place for less than a year, has been very successful, and patient satisfaction is high: Dr. Nakawa has changed the lives of a number of Northwest Indiana residents.

“Before seeing Dr. Nakawa, I struggled to lose weight. I saw other physicians and tried just about everything. I started losing weight and people began asking questions, so now I refer everyone to Dr. Nakawa,” patient Kennette Gales said.

Gales has been shouting her success story from the rooftops and wants everyone who’s struggling to know that they’re not alone and they don’t have to feel as if they are. There are resources available, and Dr. Nakawa is one of them.

“This is a happy and healthy me,” Gales said.

Not only is Gales satisfied with the weight she’s shed, but she’s also experiencing fewer health issues since dropping the weight.

“Due to my weight, I was diabetic and I had high blood pressure. Technically, I am no longer diabetic, but I still check my levels regularly. Losing about 40 pounds has helped me tremendously. I have arthritis, and due to dropping the excess weight, I no longer feel as achy in my joints, knees, and hips. My A1C has come down and I feel happier. I never thought I would be the size I am now. I have not been this size since before I had
my children,” Gales said.

Dr. Nakawa’s weight loss program is made to serve everybody, especially those who are experiencing other health complications due to excess weight and obesity.

“It’s important for patients to invest in their future health. Staying healthy and living longer should be the number one goal. I want the stigma surrounding obesity to change. Let’s have a movement to change the stigma among us as physicians, and as a community,” Dr. Nakawa said.

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