Father centers daughter’s wedding speech around Albert’s necklace

Father centers daughter’s wedding speech around Albert’s necklace
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: March 23, 2020

** Editor's Note: While Albert's is currently closed due to the COVID-19 virus, we look forward to seeing them open their doors soon so you too can find that unique and special gift for your loved one! **

It is no secret that a father’s love for his daughter and vice versa is truly a love like no other. The one-of-a-kind bond, laughs, cries, and triumphs are instilled within our hearts forever.

John Pietrucha, father of two daughters and husband for 35+ years, knows this love with every ounce of his being.

“From the moment I first looked into Ali’s eyes, I knew…in the words of Paul Simon, ‘there could never be a father who loved his daughter more’, and the light that shined on her was just like my love that would shine on her forever,” Pietrucha said.

Pietrucha has been purchasing jewelry for the women in his life for as long as he can remember, and he’s been finding these timeless, unique, and memorable pieces only at Albert’s Diamond Jewelers. But there’s one purchase that John and his daughters will never forget.

“Back in 1998, I came across an Albert’s advertisement for a Hope necklace. And when it came time for me to start thinking about my speech at my youngest daughter Ali’s wedding, I immediately thought of this necklace,” Pietrucha said. “It was the first real jewelry I bought for Ali and my other daughter Frances.”

When he read the advertisement, he began to visualize everything he could possibly want for both of his daughters’ futures.

“And I quote from the original ad, ‘This precious Sterling Silver necklace captures a woman’s hopes for the future…A heart for Love…a star for her Dreams…and a circle for Eternity,’” Pietrucha recalled. “There was something about that ad and what the necklace was supposed to represent that really summed up everything a father would ever want for his daughters. So much so, I even kept the original ad from the 1998 Alberts catalog.”

And from there, Pietrucha’s wedding speech for Ali’s wedding this past August was born.

“I had begun to understand that one of my main purposes in life would be to inspire Ali to have dreams and then support and nurture her so that she would have genuine hope for those ambitions,” Pietrucha said.

During his speech, Pietrucha toasted to these hopes and dreams, still very much present and alive.

“Love, Dreams, and Eternity…just like what the necklace stood for in 1998. I believe those are the things I still want most for Ali, and now, Ali and her new husband Chris,” he said.

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers’ entire business revolves around family, and when Pietrucha first walked through its doors, he felt that.

“I wanted the Albert’s family to know how much not only this one Hope necklace means to me and my girls, but also all of the other jewelry I’ve purchased at Albert’s too,” Pietrucha said. “The entire staff at Albert’s has treated me so well over the years. And with each purchase came a stronger bond and valued experience.”

Pietrucha mentioned his daughters are huge fans of rings, and one of them even wears one ring on each of her fingers. Ali’s husband, Chris, also bought Ali her dream engagement ring from Albert’s.

Albert's diamond ring

“Over the years it just became something I loved to do for them,” he said. “They are each just little tokens of my love and appreciation to have them in my life.”

As Pietrucha would put it, it’s one of his many ways of showing the women in his life just how much they are loved, which is what truly matters.

 “We are not judged by how much we love…but how much we are loved by others, and it is that love that lasts for eternity,” Pietrucha said.

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