Express Employment Pros Hosts Leadercast at Valparaiso University

A dreary Friday was brought to life by a day full of inspiration for leadership. Hosted by Express Employment Professionals, the Harre Union of Valparaiso University held a worldwide Leadercast. A day of learning to lead was by a live broadcast from Atlanta, Georgia. This Leadercast was being broadcast live to 750 different locations throughout over 20 different countries. The opportunity to learn about leadership was available to anyone who wanted to learn how they can make a difference.

Express Employment Professionals aim to help people find jobs and help business find the human resource services they need. Express provides the opportunity for community members to make a positive impact in their lives and in the lives of those around them. Express has been doing this event for around six years and take pride in it being the Premiere Leadership Event of Northwest Indiana.

This year, the theme was "Beyond You." Various speakers encouraged listeners to ask how they can help others and challenged them to use their influences to benefit others.

Jerry Phelps, franchise owner for Express Employment Professions, is excited to host this event each year and truly believes in its benefits.

"This event is designed for people who are leaders from all walks. Virtually everybody has some leadership potential and are in leadership positions, whether it is in their families or in their business. This is an opportunity to see some great leaders and hear them all in one day," said Phelps.

The impact of this event is huge for people who are willing to learn and it means a lot for Express to be able to bring this event to the public each year.

"Personally, it is just about being able to provide leadership opportunities to people. What I get out of it is the joy that everyone else gets out of it. Being able to bring that to Northwest Indiana is just an awesome opportunity to us and we enjoy doing it," said Phelps.

From students to business employees, company bosses, and sponsors from Task Force Tips, people gathered to learn as much as they could about being a better leader in their community.

Kelly McMillan, of Task Force Tips, explained how helpful this event is to all the people watching the live broadcast.

"Task Force Tips feels it is important to bring people here to help them become better leaders and to learn how to portray themselves to others. We encourage people to be leaders, not followers, and to make a better impact on the world," said McMillan.

With various speakers, and tons of great information, individuals had the opportunity to learn about becoming the best leader they can be. Express Employment Professions made it possible to participate in a worldwide event to benefit the teaching of leaders all around the community.

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