Exploring Hobart and shopping local: What you’ll find

Exploring Hobart and shopping local: What you’ll find

Both residents and visitors alike will find in Hobart, Indiana, just the right amount of small-town charm. Over the years, the city of Hobart has evolved, offering its residents a plethora of activities and outings to partake in.

Taking a short ride around town or a stroll through downtown, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that suits everyone in the family. Carrie Bedwell, a Hobart resident, can attest to all that the city has to offer.

“Hobart has much to offer local families. From the Summer market, movies, and concerts in the park, festivals, walks around beautiful Lake George, parks, and community pool, families have a plethora of options for making memories and starting new traditions,” Bedwell said.

One of the best parts about exploring all that Hobart has to offer is receiving the local touch that comes with visiting the antique shops, restaurants and cafes, and other entertainment options.

When visiting Hobart, one of the first stops a family should schedule into their day is a trip to Toys in the Attic for unique and old-fashioned toys, candy, and soda. Next, stop at Green Door books for not only new books and artwork by local artists, but used books for just a $1. Green Door is also home to a monthly book club. Next, head over to the Librarium Cafe where you and your family can enjoy handcrafted warm and cold beverages, fresh-made cookies and pastries, and a rousing game of checkers, chess, or another one of the plethora of other games available.

For entertainment, one can't beat the myriad of shows the Art Theater is bringing to town including national acts and Listen To Your Mother, a series of live readings by local writers about motherhood on May 9, or the weekly Sunday concerts at Tom Lounges' Record Bin, where owners Tom and Alice Lounges offer live concerts and refreshments to patrons at no charge. 

Bedwell recommends ending the day with a visit to one of Hobart’s many family dining environments.

“Hobart is the mecca for family dining with such offerings as T's Pizza, Granger’s, Brickies Gyros, Cafe 339, El Capitan, 54 Main Bistro, and Montego Bay Grille, where one will not only find the best Caribbean-fusion fare, but the best hamburger and mac and cheese I have ever tasted,” she said.

Ready to plan your next outing in Hobart? Shop until you drop at countless unique, local small businesses.  

“Personally, I am passionate about shopping local because it allows me to support small business owners, many who have become friends, and help keep them in business thus offering citizens a variety of shopping and dining options close to home,” Bedwell said. “The business owners believed in our city when they planted their businesses here, and we must do our best to support them in order to continue to help their businesses, and our community, to grow and thrive.”

Over the past few years, the city of Hobart has continued to grow and thrive thanks to its focus on local culture, community support, and great leaders.

“Due to the efforts of Mayor Brian Snedecor, City Special Events Coordinator Nikki Lopez, Parks Director Kelly Goodpaster, Executive Director at Hobart Chamber of Commerce Lisa Winstead, and the many hard-working business owners, Hobart is definitely moving in the right direction,” Bedwell said. “I can't help but think of Margaret Mead's famous quote, ‘Never doubt what a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can do to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ That's Hobart in a nutshell.” 

If you haven’t been out to explore all that Hobart has to offer in a while, Bedwell encourages you to take another look around.

“As a lifetime resident, I can't remember a time when there has been this depth of diversity in business that we have now. There is something for everyone, and I encourage those who haven't visited our city recently to come peruse all the new shops and restaurants.”

The future of the Hobart community looks bright, and all are encouraged to go soak up in its rays.