Explore the South Shore with the South Shore CVA

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: April 17, 2016

Web-Ad-600x500-2National Travel and Tourism Week falls on the first week of May (May 1 through May 7 this year), and Northwest Indiana has plenty to celebrate because we have a lot to offer the country that runs right along our beautiful South Shore.

National Travel and Tourism Week is America’s way of doffing its hat to all of the things that draw people to it – each awesome, memorable, vexing, and fun part of it. The seven-day celebration was started in 1983 and has been recognized each year since.

The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority (SSCVA) celebrates National Travel and Tourism Week with gusto. It only makes sense since tourism is the company’s main focus, bread and butter, and driving force.

“Explore the South Shore is an idea that started a number of years ago,” Speros Batistatos, President, and CEO of the SSCVA said. “The thought behind it was that families can be our biggest cheerleaders and ambassadors. If they are aware of the offerings that the South Shore has, they will be more able to speak to one of the most important demographics that we serve, the VFR – which stands for Visiting Friends and Relatives. Explore the South Shore gives our attractions and parks the opportunity to get out and show off, and it gives residents a chance to take pride in what we have here along the South Shore.”

There are many things to do along the South Shore, and the SSCVA has its finger on the pulse of the activity. Businesses of all types, destinations, organizations, and more have fantastic offerings that allow you to find worthwhile and memorable things to do without having to leave the state of Indiana.

Throughout the year, the SSCVA highlights businesses and destinations along the South Shore to promote tourism and show off the uniqueness of Northwest Indiana. And during National Travel and Tourism Week they host a special event called Explore the South Shore. This year Explore the South Shore will take place on May 7, 2016 at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond.

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