Everyone Looked Stylish at Residences of Deer Creek’s Fashion Show

Everyone Looked Stylish at Residences of Deer Creek’s Fashion Show
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: May 6, 2017

The people of Residences at Deer Creek journeyed through history on Saturday as they watched and participated in a historical fashion show. The parade of outfits wandered through the eras and tables filled with family, friends, and residents of the Deer Creek community.

The staff of Residences at Deer Creek dressed volunteers consisting of residents, their family, and staff in costumes designed to evoke different time periods and historical figures. Napoleon strolled by the attendees as they sipped on Mimosas, only to be later followed up by Jackie Kennedy waving to the crowd.

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“A couple years ago we did the vintage fashion show and we thought we’d bring it back,” said Cindy Horgash, Life Enrichment Director at the Residences of Deer Creek. “The residents reminisce about some of the outfits they used to wear. It’s very interesting, the history, they enjoy that and love the stories of back then.”

The show’s participants modeled over thirty different costumes with each representing a different culture and time. Other than Napoleon and Jackie O’, the outfits of Mary Todd Lincoln and Rosie the Riveter all took starring roles.

Many family members of residents came out to support their loved ones as they donned their costumes. Shannon Scheidel attended the show and mentioned that her grandmother looked forward to it so much that she couldn’t stop talking about it.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my grandmother being a part of this,” she said. “ ’Downton Abbey’ is one of her favorite shows. The fact that they’re doing the theme of ‘Downton Abbey’ and that she gets to dress like that is great. She would have been in heaven if she lived in that era and could dress in all those outfits and everything like that.”

The chance to socialize and reminisce together was just as important as the food, drinks, and fashion according to one resident. It gave them a chance to experience the Residences as a true community and not just a place to sleep.

“It’s good food and it’s a great fling,” said Pat Leep, a five-year resident of the community. “The people are very friendly. I don’t know all of them, in fact, I meet new ones every day.”

The fashion show and events like it are key to keeping the community engaged according to Horgash.

“They always say ‘gosh I’ve never seen that before,’” she said. “Even if we have residents that are 104 or 105 years-old, they learn something new every day, they meet someone new. It’s a wonderful thing for them.”

The Residence’s staff united under that sentiment. Mali Rios, a concierge, is approaching a year of working at the Residence. She loves how events like the fashion show bring the residents, family, and staff together.

“I’m very close to them,” she said. “Some of them almost feel like family. It’s really nice to see them enjoy this event and their family members. It gives them a chance to relax, lay low and enjoy the entertainment.”

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