Evelyn Cole got Proactive with her Health with the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals

evelyn-coleMaintaining good health is an ongoing effort. It’s something that can sometimes fall to the wayside, but when you stay on top of your health like Evelyn Cole did, you can avoid a detrimental situation. Cole has been a volunteer at Methodist Hospitals for the last seven years. She was first introduced to the hospital after her late husband was admitted there years ago. The experience was a positive one that she will never forget and so she felt the need to come back and serve in the best way she could as a volunteer.

Cole was faithful in getting her annual mammograms and other checkups done, and no suspicious findings were found. But last September during a routine mammogram at the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals, a spot was found on Cole’s breast that needed further inspection.

“They told me that I needed a biopsy right then during my appointment,” Cole said. “They didn’t waste any time and I appreciated that.”

Cole didn’t waste any time either. She requested an appointment for the biopsy right away, and when the test results came back positive she and the Breast Care Center team continued to be proactive.

“I chose a doctor who I trusted from Methodist and I had the surgery done right away,” Cole said. “The day of my surgery everyone from the Breast Care Center was there and they were all so comforting and supportive. They are a very friendly and open group. Whenever I have a question or concern they always take the time to talk with me.”

Following the surgery, Cole went through radiation treatment twice a day for five days. The treatment plan was resolved in less than two months thanks to the decisiveness of Cole and the team at the Breast Care Center along with the rest of my team of doctors and nurses.

“I’m not for surgery unless it’s necessary,” Cole said. “But this instance made me realize that no corners can be cut. I have too much to live for and too much left to do.”

“The Breast Care Center is a wonderful place that is available to anyone and they are here to help us,” Cole continued. “If we don’t use their services then we’re not taking advantage of the best care and top technology right in our own backyard.”

So take a page from Evelyn Cole’s book and get proactive with your health. For information on the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals, call 219-756-4436. To schedule a Mammogram, call 219-981-5440.