Essentially Geared Canned Wine – Lifer taste test & review

Essentially Geared Canned Wine – Lifer taste test & review

For those who seek adventure, Indiana Beverage has one for those with a taste for vino. 

Wine--in a can. 

Yes, you heard that right. Wine in a can. The phenomenon has greeted us during the most convenient season for portable drinking-- on a boat, on the beach, or right outside on your back porch. The Lifers took the adventure themselves. See what they had to say.

“The Bubbles selection from the Essentially Geared Can Wines was my favorite! I love bubbly wine and this was the perfect option: it is canned (better for the earth and easier to transport), it is not too sweet (less sugar) and was not too dry either! I will definitely be sticking up on these in the future for kayak trips and all my summer outings!” -Jenny

“I loved the crisp flavors of the Bubbles California. It was like sipping on dry champagne. Love the tang of the after taste. It is refreshing for a warm summer day at the beach.” -Steph

“The rose was refreshing and had a subtle carbonation to it that brought a bright, clean, and flavorful after-taste. The fact that it comes in a can is even better for summer because they are beach and pool-side friendly.”  -Julia 

“I tried the Chardonnay.  I tried it with fried chicken because the can said it would be good together and it was right.  It was crisp and refreshing but a little tart at the same time, it reminded me of a good Granny Smith apple.” -Kami

“The Rose EG wine can cooler is the perfect refreshment for a backyard cookout, a beach day, or a simple summer afternoon. The canned wine experience is like no other--the perfect balance of casual and elegant. The rose was the right on the border between soft sweet and medium dry. Perfect for those who enjoy a touch of sweet with an edge!” -Mandy

The Lifers certainly enjoyed their wine in a can.'s your turn. Thank you Indiana Beverage for this adventure- start yours here.