Essential Thanksgiving wine tips

Essential Thanksgiving wine tips

As you start your Thanksgiving shopping, it is a great time to start getting the wine for your special event. Read on for five tips to make your shopping a little smoother.

Tip #1 - Buy Early & Store Safely

Wine cellar

Buying wine together for Thanksgiving and Christmas is a great way to take advantage of the volume discounts available at your local Wise Guys. The storage of the wine is just as important as getting at a great price. If the wine is not stored properly, all of the savings is wasted. Wine can be kept anywhere that is not over 75 degrees, which means it can't be stored in that pretty rack by your stove. The best places to store wine are a wine fridge, under your stairs, in the basement or any safe area that is not near a heater.

Tip #2 - Buy Enough

Woman buying alcohol

How do you know how much wine is enough? Most party planners will tell you to figure that each guest will consume one to two drinks per hour. Multiply the number of hours you plan to entertain times the number of guest times two drinks per guest. If you are serving 750-mL bottles, it is safe to assume you'll get four glasses per bottle so you need to divide your total by 4. Now that you know how many bottles, it is time to determine the variety that you should have. If you are entertaining more than 6 or 8 guests, you may want to have 2 or 3 bottles of your top choices.  

Tip #3 -Look Out for Flaws!

Always look for flaws when preparing your holiday stock. Here are the 7 common wine flaws:

  1. Corked - Musty odor from the cork 
  2. Cooked - Protruding cork or wine seepage due to being overheated for a significant period of time 
  3. Oxidized - Nutty flavor from exposure to oxygen
  4. Brett - Smells of band-aids and barnyards
  5. VA (Volatile Acidity) -Smells of vinegar or nail polish
  6. Refermenting - Off-flavored taste and bubbly like a spritzer
  7. Sulfur - Nasty aromas of burnt matches, rubber, rotten eggs or garlic and onion
Wine corks and glasses

Tip #4 - The Supporting Team

Getting the wine is the main event, but there are some other items you need to complete your wine service.

  • Check the condition of your glassware. Buying a quality set of glassware can be worth the cost.
  • A corkscrew that is coiled, sharp and long enough for any size cork with a knife-edge
  • Don't skip out on the decanter. Giving the wine some air can enhance it's taste. 

Tip #5 - Get the Best for Your Budget

Piggy bank

Create your list of wines and supplies before setting your budget. Set it too low and all your money goes to what is on the outside of the bottle, not the inside. This meal calls for the right wine to complement all the wonderful tastes and aromas that are a well-rounded Thanksgiving dinner.