Employee Spotlight: Bill Trowbridge of Paladin

Employee Spotlight: Bill Trowbridge of Paladin
By: Taylor Bundren Last Updated: June 26, 2019

Paladin, Inc. is known for being the community organization that supports individuals with disabilities and facilitates them to achieve goals and gain success. Bill Trowbridge, President and CEO of Paladin, plays a large role in the company’s mission and growth by improving programs and community reach and preparing the vision for the future.

Trowbridge started almost seven years ago when the name of the organization was Michiana Resources. Within about two and a half years, they grew to almost double what the organization had previously been.

When he started working there, they immediately began to make changes-- expanding services that would eventually bring in more revenue, improving salaries, introducing new roles and positions, and starting new programs.

Paladin started looking to further expand and work with other not-for-profits in the area.  They expanded to connect with different organizations, starting with The Arc of Northwest Indiana and Parents & Friends, and eventually connecting with more entities throughout the area.

“It was a good opportunity to pull our resources together. We were serving the same people in the same environment and recognized the need to consolidate in order to spread expenses,” Trowbridge said.

Now, with six – soon to be seven – facilities in total, Trowbridge has seen Paladin grow into a bigger, healthier organization that has reaches all over Northwest Indiana. Even with all the growth and change, the mission of Paladin remains the most important aspect for him.

“It’s all about the mission. I love the people we get to work with. I have a background in business, law, and banking, but you don’t get the same feeling you get from helping people and knowing you’re making a major difference,” Trowbridge said.

Trowbridge loves Northwest Indiana and enjoys how Paladin is connected within the communities that he grew up around.

“I’ve always felt connected to the region and try to stay involved with all its communities. Our growth into those communities is a way to give back by ensuring persons with disabilities receive the supports they need” said Trowbridge.

As President and CEO, Trowbridge handles the strategic responsibility, driving growth, and ensuring that everything is working well within the organization. Yet, Trowbridge sees the most important aspect of his job as supporting the employees and participants at Paladin.

“My role is to support staff and clients to have the tools they need to grow,” Trowbridge said. 

The clients at Paladin love to get to know Trowbridge and enjoy seeing him every day. They often knock on his door to say hi and talk to him. One of his favorite aspects of his job is watching clients grow and achieve different goals, including getting jobs in the community.

“Knowing that we’re doing a good job helping participants be more independent, giving them opportunities that otherwise they may not be able to get – that’s what I’m looking for. That’s our mission,” said Trowbridge.

Trowbridge also said that he loves when Paladin is able to provide a supportive and safe home for people who have lived in less than ideal situations.

One of the programs he is most proud of and hopes to continue to expand more in the future is the respite care program, which is short-term caregiver relief. This program is designed to help lessen and get rid of any situations that could involve abuse or neglect to individuals, because it gives caregivers more opportunities to take breaks and decrease stress.

Trowbridge wants Paladin to continue to grow and be a high impact organization, which includes staying mission-driven, being collaborative with other organizations in the community, making real time strategic planning decisions, and maintaining a strong business mind-set.

“It’s still all about the mission. Every time we do anything, [we ask] how does that make this a better place? How can we provide better services to people?” said Trowbridge.

Trowbridge enjoys working for an organization that cares deeply about enhancing the lives of their clients and staff.

“It’s one of the most rewarding things I think I’ve ever done,” Trowbridge said.

To learn more about Paladin’s services and all they do for the Northwest Indiana community, check out http://www.paladin.care