Edward Wabick: Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Consoir and LCEA Supporter

Edward Wabick: Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Consoir and LCEA Supporter

Lake County Indiana Economic Alliance (LCEA) investor, Edward Wabick is a hardworking individual who has dedicated 34 years to his passion in real estate.

This Lewis University graduate entered the real estate world in 1986 and later became affiliated with Pain Wetzel Real Estate in 1989. Since, Wabick has earned the title of Vice President in 1994, Senior Vice President in 1996, and now Principal since 2001.

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Wabick became one of the top producers at Pain Wetzel Real Estate and knew that focusing on building relationships and representing clients was his best investment.

“The best and most rewarding part of my job is working with other companies and individuals to assist them in purchasing, leasing, selling, or financing their commercial and/or industrial real estate requirements,” Wabick said. “The best part is knowing that working with these groups means that they are going to make an investment in the community and bring jobs to the area. That’s it right there.”

Wabick is a man that knows change is inevitable if growth is expected. Wabick was not only excited, but a major part in the merger of Pain Wetzel Real Estate and Darwin Reality announced on July 1, 2022.

Now known as DarwinPW Realty, this team offers more than 20 brokers to expand the market reach, provide a more shared expertise, and give their customers more experts in the industry to help with their real estate needs.

LCEA helped support this merger and what it meant for Lake County every step of the way.

“LCEA assists with all of my projects on the public side and deals with working with the municipalities, utility companies, etc. to make what I do much easier. LCEA goes above and beyond and that’s why I commit my time and money and tell others to do the same on a regular basis,” Wabick said.

LCEA started eight years ago and a noticeable change has been noticed since.

“The main thing is that the LCEA assists communities within Lake County to understand the benefits of working with developers/investors. They not only help them better understand why it’s important to support the redevelopment of older industrial sites and turn farmlands into new developments, but they work with the developers to make Lake County a place they want to develop and invest,” Wabick said.

With the help of LCEA, big things are happening in Lake County and are going to continue to happen here.

To learn more about Edward Wabick and the LCEA, please visit: http://lcea.us/