Education Hub Launches for Lake County Primary Elections

By: Legacy Foundation Last Updated: April 16, 2019

Education-Hub-Launches-for-Lake-County-Primary-ElectionsBefore heading to the polls this May, Lake County, Ind. residents are encouraged to visit to receive nonpartisan information regarding 2019 candidates.

The League of Women Voters of the Calumet Area and RiseNWI, Legacy Foundation’s civic engagement initiative, has partnered to launch, an information hub for Lake County elections. The site includes candidate surveys, personalized sample ballots, as well as additional resources including voting dates and times.

Barb Schilling, League of Women Voters of the Calumet Area president, wants voters to be educated and feel confident when entering the polls. “Last year nearly 3,300 Lake County voters visited the site to educate themselves. Please use this guide to help you ‘hire’ the candidates that best represent your views on issues that are important to you,” said Schilling. users can enter their address on the site to receive a sample ballot that lists all races and candidates that will appear on their actual primary election ballot. Users can also access survey responses that candidates have submitted. Neither RiseNWI nor the League of Women Voters edit answers, so users can be confident they are reading the candidates’ position in their own words.

All 2019 Lake County primary election candidates have been invited to participate in the survey. “We are happy to see the excitement among candidates in completing the survey.” said Legacy Foundation Community Engagement Coordinator, Maranda Fishback. “We encourage all candidates to participate in this unique opportunity to present their positions to voters.” For convenience, candidates may submit responses digitally or by paper.

Both the League of Women Voters and RiseNWI are nonpartisan, non-profit organizations that do not endorse, support or oppose individual candidates or political parties. For more information please email