Extended Care Team: A Breath of Fresh Air, Hosted Holiday Party with Food, Fun, and Chicagolands Oxygen Bar

Extended Care Team: A Breath of Fresh Air, Hosted Holiday Party with Food, Fun, and Chicagolands Oxygen Bar

The Extended Care Teams gave back to the healthcare community Thursday evening with their Annual Holiday Party at Abuelo’s. There were memories to be made among colleagues, all of whom deserved an evening filled with self-care, fun, and friendship.

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“We have a lot of demands placed on us,” Gallo said. “I think it’s important to honor the people that we have close relationships with, and to nurture those relationships. This helps us serve our patients better.”

Heather Shelton, Business Development Director for Dyer Nursing and Rehab, shared that she represents one of nine buildings present, and tonight was about spreading the merriment of the holidays.

The teams gathered in a party room at Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant and each building brought in a raffle prize. There was even an oxygen bar with 12 different therapeutic scents.

“Tonight is about giving back to our referrals, physicians, social workers and the rest of the influential people from the community that are here with us tonight,” Shelton said. “We are spreading holiday cheer.”

For Kelly Perro-Petty, Regional Director of Business Development for Extended Care Consulting, the healthcare industry thrives on working together.

“We thought having a holiday party at Abuelo’s would be a great way to for everyone to get together, have fun, and a way to show our appreciation,” Perro-Petty said. “The more we work together, the better we all are in the long run.”

Perro-Petty said that an oxygen bar was added to this year’s festivities, because it is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. She noted that working in the healthcare industry, sometimes there is an overload of stress. The party at Abuelo’s was a great way for everyone to pamper themselves, relax, mingle, catch up, and enjoy each other’s company.

According to Margo Leabo, Outreach Manager of NeuroBehavioral Hospital, it is important that everyone takes a little time for themselves because they spend their lives caring for others.

“Tonight makes for good comradery because we are all involved in patient care. It’s great to keep a good friendship and bond with each other and important that healthcare workers take time for themselves,” Leabo said. “We all have the same love for our patients and their families and sometimes we need an evening like tonight to re-energize ourselves, especially during the holidays.”