Duneland School Corporation Honors Years of Service at 2017 Opening Day Event

Duneland School Corporation Honors Years of Service at 2017 Opening Day Event

Duneland School Corporation hosted their annual Opening Day event for teachers and support staff at Chesterton High School Auditorium this past Thursday.

Teachers and support staff serving the Corporation for 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years were honored at the event.

Duneland-School-Corporation-Opening-Day-Event-2017_02 Those receiving 20 year awards were:
Teachers Michele Daily-CHS Counselor, Matthew Gland-CHS, Mary Madaus-Westchester Interm., Mary Ann Martin-Jackson Elem., Jack Neuliep-CHS, Dinah Pethes-Liberty Elem. and James Sensibaugh-CHS; and staff members Elizabeth Howard-Benefits Coordinator, Marge Schlundt, Title 1 Aide at Liberty Elem., Helene Trout-Instructional Aide at Bailly Elem., Gayle Vogan-Media Secretary at Yost Elem., Ron Wahl-Buildings/Grounds, Betty Wheeler-Head Custodian at Westchester Interm., Jeff Wilson-Buildings/Grounds

Duneland-School-Corporation-Opening-Day-Event-2017_03 For 25 years:
Teachers Terese Maletta-CHS, Kim Stahura-CHS, Rob Yong-CMS and Anna Zervos-CHS; and staff members Kathy Clemons-Bus Aide, Terry Cunningham-Instructional Aide at Bailly Elem., Mike Koziczynski-CHS Head Custodian, Barb Menn-Bus Driver, Joe Mullet-CMS Head Custodian, Jodi Ortis-Siewert-Systems Administrator, Sheree Palko-Bus Aide, Maureen Tuter-CHS Head Cashier, Kathleen Wilder-Title 1 Aide, Deeann Witek-SIMS Coordinator.

Duneland-School-Corporation-Opening-Day-Event-2017_04 For 30 years:
Teachers Hilda Demuth-Lutze-CHS, Dale Hewitt-CHS and Nancy Moats-Bailly Elem.; and staff members Cheryl Arney-Bailly Elem. Head Custodian, Bridget Martinson-Director of Public Relations and Chuck Seter-Liberty Elem. Head Custoidan.

Duneland-School-Corporation-Opening-Day-Event-2017_05 For 35 years:
Staff member Darlene Manuzzi-Tech Asst. Controller.

For 40 years:
Teachers Fred Mitchell-Asst. Athletic Director, Brian Norris-Jackson Elem. and Laurie Norris-Liberty Elem.