Duneland School Corporation Honors Years of Service at 2016 Opening Day Event

By: Duneland School Corporation Last Updated: August 19, 2016

Chesterton-High-SchoolDuneland School Corporation hosted their annual Opening Day event for teachers and support staff at Chesterton High School Auditorium this past Monday.

Teachers and support staff serving the Corporation for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years were honored at the event.

Those receiving 20 year awards were: Teachers Chris Joll-CHS, Karen Moffett-Guidance, Amy Otto-CMS, Cris Petro-Bailly, Sheri Simmons-Liberty Interm., John Snyder-CHS and Jamee Swanson-Bailly; and staff members Brenda Aaron-Transportation, Patricia Linn-Liberty Interm. Food Services; Lorie Skimehorn-Director of Health Services, Judith Thorne-CHS Media Secretary and Amy Williams-Transportation

For 25 years: Teachers Monica Hargarten-Liberty Elem., John Hayduk-CHS and Susan Rehtorik-Bailly Elem.; and staff members Deborah Craven-CMS Instructional Aide and Linda Esserman-Transportation Dispatcher.

For 30 years: Teachers Elaine Krause-Jackson Elem. and Paul Napier-Westchester Interm. Media Specialist; and staff members Bill Branham-Grounds Supervisor, Andrew Hritz-Jackson Elem. Custodian and Cathy Stowers-Liberty Interm. Food Services.

For 35 years: Staff members Terry Dunn-Bus Driver and Shirley Wallace-CHS Instructional Aide.

For 40 years: Teacher Jennifer Thoms-CHS Guidance and staff member Michele Stipanovich-CHS WDSO Station Manager.

For 45 years: Teacher Patricia Sella-Jackson Elem.