Duneland, Hobart, and Portage Chamber Memberships Learn to “Train their Brains” at Tri-Chamber Educational Seminar

Duneland, Hobart, and Portage Chamber Memberships Learn to “Train their Brains” at Tri-Chamber Educational Seminar

On Thursday, the Hobart Chamber of Commerce, Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce, and Duneland Chamber of Commerce met for a Tri-Chamber Educational Seminar at the Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton.

The seminar was presented by Robb Zbierski, an instructor at Freedom Personal Development Learning Center. The speech aimed at helping people “train their brain" for success, with the goal of improving their business habits as well as their personal lives.

“Today we’re working on how to manage your mind and thoughts in a way that will get the best results possible,” Zbierski explained said. “This seminar is a really engaging, interactive, and fun way to talk about the practical methods of positive thinking.”

Zbierski is not new to educational seminars as he has been traveling all over the country for three years working with people to think develop confidence and healthy mental practices. He has been a guest to multiple introductory lunch seminars with these chambers individually, but the Tri-Chamber Educational Seminar brought a more advanced workshop for the trio of chambers' members.

“My message is trying to teach people how to gain an understanding of what you can do so your brain can work for you to run your life. Not the other way around.” Zbierski continued. “This is a kind universe and I hope my listeners get a new found focus of looking for the positive in their lives.”

Beth Luncsford, the Marketing Director at the Duneland Chamber, enjoyed Mr. Zbierski's presentation to the Duneland Chamber membership in March. She and was very impressed by his animated personality so much so that she organized this combined seminar of the three chambers so others could develop a more in-depth understanding of his thinking skills.

“I loved the idea of evolving my positive thinking,” Luncsford explained. “His seminar allows our chamber members to not only grow in their business skills, but also in their own personal life as well.”

She continued, "He’s just funny, uplifting, and professional. I do believe him when he says it’s all about retraining your brain and how focusing on showing gratitude, along with other positives, draws people to you in business and relationships.”

Click here for more information on Freedom Personal Development and learn more about the programs and services provided by the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, Hobart Chamber of Commerce, and Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce.