Dr. Neal Jain to Join Medial Team as Orthopedic Consult for Addison Pointe

By: Addison Pointe Health & Rehabilitation Center Last Updated: March 11, 2019

Dr-Neal-Jain-to-Join-Medial-Team-as-Orthopedic-Consult-for-Addison-PointeDr. Jain became interested initially in orthopedics as an undergrad at Northwestern. There, Jain majored in biomedical engineering, which he was than able to tie into orthopedics. Jain also enjoys building and constructing things, which he says ties together with medicine through orthopedics. Orthopedics is the perfect bridge between the two interests, enabling him to build people up to get back to their desired level of activity.

Whether through joint replacement or ACL reconstruction, orthopedics gives Jain the opportunity to get his patients back to their desired level of function. Jain’s work is not limited to knees and shoulders; he also does minimally invasive and invasive procedures as well as replacements, fracture work and other general orthopedic procedures. Jain has been in practice since 2011 with Franciscan Alliance.

Outside of work, Jain enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his wife and three children: daughters Sonya (4) and Reya (3), and son Vinay (8 months).

Jain typically conducts 40-50 surgeries per month at the new Anthony’s Hospital out of Michigan City.