Double Duty: Carol Vieceli’s Story of Working as a Realtor in Two States

Double Duty: Carol Vieceli’s Story of Working as a Realtor in Two States

Carol Vieceli has spent a large amount of her professional life in the service of helping others. By spending a large majority of her life interacting with people and sales, this has led to her high level of motivation to set high goals for her life and in real estate.

Vieceli gained valuable sales and management experience through her position as a retail manager. Her experience was widely appreciated and it sent her to several other states from Indiana to Illinois and Michigan until she settled down in Arizona.

"It was during this time that I started taking real estate classes in Arizona," says Vieceli. "I started out working 50-70 hours at the Buckle previously before the infrastructure changed and I went to Pac Sun and while working was working fewer hours, leaving with time to pursue my education in real estate. "

Once Vieceli finished her courses for real estate in 2004, she joined a real estate team after learning that a friend in her class also joined a team. In 2005 she put in her notice to leave her job in retail, cementing her status as a full-time real estate agent.

"I had been in retail long enough, and realized that I knew how to sell, something that retail and real estate have in common, it was a natural fit and it felt like that everything led up to this point," says Vieceli. "I had a great time working in real estate and selling homes. However, this was before the housing crisis where Arizona was one of the hardest hit in the country."

Despite not being the biggest fan of midwest winters, fate eventually led her back to Northwest Indiana once again, leading her to set up her family in Valparaiso, close to her hometown of Portage.

"My brother always teased that I would come back and I never believed him," says Vieceli. "However I reconnected with an old connection and we ended up getting married and moving back here. I was close to family and friends when I moved back, it was great for my daughters to experience family birthday parties for the first time."

After moving back, Vieceli wanted to enter the real estate market in NWI, despite already owning a real estate license and years of experience from Arizona, moving to a new state required her to retake classes, become re-certified and discover a new real estate agency to join again.

"I did a lot of research and at times it felt like I would never find a business like I had in Arizona," says Vieceli. "It took years to develop that level of business and create that positive lifestyle, I was skeptical that I would find someone that would remotely compare."

Vieceli began her research, meticulously taking into account factors such as population size and other numbers. She interviewed with 4 brokers but found her way to Mike Tezak and Realty Executives Premier through an unconventional way.

"It turns out that my brother knew Mike because he lived across the street from him," says Vieceli. "At first, I was skeptical but I eventually but meeting him and interview with him, I knew I had found the right place."

Vieceli ended up accepting the job at Realty Execs, citing Mike's work and personal ethics as one of the highlights for accepting the job.

"What I like the most about Mike is that he gets the job done and finishes when he says he will," says Vieceli. "His response and follow through are quick. He knows what he wants and makes it happen."

Viecelli continues to help out clients as a Realty Execs real estate agent, but also continues to pull double duty as an agent for her original agency in Arizona.

"I take a trip back to Arizona every few months to check in and oversee how things are progressing," says Vercelli. "While I had to lessen some of my duties and hand them off to my team, I still make an effort to help out valuable customers and perform the same duties as if I was originally there."

Viecelli realizes the challenges that working in real estate in two separate states brings, but do to her motivated nature, she enjoys the challenges and opportunities it brings for her and her career.

"I'm very motivated, I was a single mom living in Arizona who got her real estate license and bachelor's in psychology, I've always been motivated and set high goals," says Viecelli. "I like being looked at as the top agent, I like helping people and I like building life long relationships. I want to be continue helping people, and I want to be successful."