Don Roberts Beauty School Gets IIMM Ready For the Good Life Awards

Don Roberts Beauty School Gets IIMM Ready For the Good Life Awards

The Good Life Awards was a huge success again this year thanks to all our partners and sponsors. The Ideas in Motion Media team and guests dressed their best for a night out with good food, good people and lots of fun at the Blue Chip Casino on August 11.

Don Roberts Beauty School in Valparaiso provided their services to the ladies at IIMM for some pampering and preparation. The students at Don Roberts used their exceptional growing talents to style their hair, makeup and nails so the IIMM team could look their best for the event that night.

“I haven’t had my hair done for an event since my high school prom, and that was many years ago. I was really excited to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy myself while those talented girls went to town on my hair and nails. It all turned out awesome!” said Colleen Hannon, Content Editor at IIMM.

“And I had a great conversation with the girls about their future career dreams. I love hearing about how Don Roberts is fueling their success. ” Hannon said.

Gina Cullen, Graphic Designer and Office Manager at IIMM, thought that the entire environment of Don Roberts was uplifting and positive. She had the ladies at Don Roberts do her makeup and curl her hair.

"The staff at Don Roberts was super friendly and fun to be around. Sarah in particular did an amazing job on my hair and makeup - very professional. It looked fantastic, and it held up all through the night!" said Cullen.

Megan Rigg, Business and Client Development Specialist at IIMM, enjoyed seeing the learning and training process in action.

“It was really great to get pampered by someone who was interested in taking their time and doing it right. Whenever the girls had a question, they actually asked their teachers instead of just hoping for the best, which was comforting. The results were fantastic and I would highly recommend Don Roberts based on my experience.” said Rigg.

If you are looking for a quality salon for your next hair cut, style, pedicure, manicure and more, stop by Don Roberts Beauty School in Valparaiso. There is a certain stigma about training salons that can make some clients nervous or unsure, but with the help of their teachers, Don Roberts students provide high-grade professional work.