Domino’s responsible sourcing initiative allows customers to feel good about what’s in their pizza box

Domino’s responsible sourcing initiative allows customers to feel good about what’s in their pizza box

As the largest pizza company in the world, Domino’s is committed to upholding responsible sourcing standards in every aspect of its operations.

Domino’s is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality products by cementing the process of responsible sourcing into its core values.

Domino’s commitment to responsible sourcing begins at the root of the company. Domino’s works with suppliers and farmers throughout the United States and Canada to deliver the freshest, highest quality ingredients to stores all over the country. Suppliers must achieve certification in food safety at the highest level and are regularly monitored to ensure that quality is always at its best. 

Food safety is of the utmost importance to the team at Domino’s, and institutions involved in the sourcing and production of food must adhere to strict guidelines regarding how the food is processed. This includes frequent inspections of processing facilities, regular ingredient testing, and required sessions regarding best practices that are first shared with top franchisees, then reaffirmed in each store under their management.

Domino’s acknowledges the importance of quality testing, which is why it hires third-party food safety experts to train and test on food safety regulations. The company has also put a rigorous investigative procedure in place when a safety or quality complaint is reported.

While Domino’s does not own any form of animal facility, the company still enforces strict protocols on partnering farmers and farms. Domino’s only works with farms that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. The company also requires farmers to follow best practices and supports the use of veterinary care.

Domino’s also requires its partnering farms to practice the “five freedoms,” which are endorsed by the World Health Organization.

Domino’s describes these freedoms as:

  • Freedom from hunger, malnutrition, and thirst
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury, and disease
  • Freedom to express normal patterns of behavior

Domino’s is actively working on creating a simpler and more natural ingredient list for its products. The company has removed nearly all artificial food coloring and all unnatural trans-fat from ingredients.

In addition to removing unnecessary additives, Domino’s has gradually reduced the sodium levels in its pizzas by 25%. It also added a gluten-free crust option to the menu in 2012.

To keep nutrition information transparent, Domino’s offers a nutrition calculator and a full ingredient and allergen list for all products on the menu.

Domino’s ensures safety in purchased meat by sourcing from reputable suppliers that ensure proper care is given to animals, such as occasional antibiotics or other treatments. In accordance with the FDA, Domino’s does not accept meat with any antibiotic residue in it. Domino’s is happy to adhere to new requirements as the FDA enacts more regulations surrounding what antibiotics are available for use in production meat.

Although palm oil is a necessary ingredient for many Domino’s products, the company has worked to minimize its impact on deforestation by sourcing 100% certified sustainable palm oil product through AAK USA. Domino’s does not use raw palm oil in any of its products.

The company is also a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).To learn more about Domino’s commitment to sourcing responsibly, visit