Desiring the Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Desiring the Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: May 9, 2017

Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers long- and short-term skilled nursing with a special focus on orthopedic rehabilitation care. They offer services, programs, rehab exercises, and an ice cream parlor, all to provide the best quality of life for the residents, which is the staff’s number one goal at all times.

The Dyer center offers clinical services and the rehabilitation therapy, and is just a few steps from the Sheffield Manor Assisted Living Residence, which provides the long-term living care required by some patients.

With a beautiful facility, a long list of amenities provided, and activities constantly happening, the Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to providing the health and well-being for their residents.

The following are the services and amenities found at Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center:

Short-term Rehabilitation – Physical Therapy:
The short-term rehab program is designed for patients who are recovering from surgery, an illness, or an accident. Rehab can last from anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks. The main goal of rehab is to recover enough to get back to the patient’s maximum functionality, and get back to their homes in the least amount of time. The therapists design a personalized plan for each patient, while updating the patient’s progress with family and doctors. The exercises are performed to improve and strengthen joints and muscles, while improving motor control, balance, and flexibility.

Short-term rehab is intense and includes difficult exercises, but the nurses on staff make sure to counteract that work with proper rest and nutrition. Plus, they make sure all exercises are done correctly to prevent further injuries and pain.

When the patient is ready to be discharged, nurses make sure he or she knows how to do the same exercises at home.

Short-term Rehabilitation – Orthopedic Therapy:
The Dyer center has a rehabilitation wing used solely for the purpose of patients in need of orthopedic rehabilitation. Orthopedics refers to the medical specialty concerned with correction of deformities or functional impairments of the skeletal system. The program is designed and led by a Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehab Physiatrist. The exercises are done in a state of the art therapy gym that includes an AlterG Treadmill. This type of therapy can be done seven days a week and helps the individual regain strength and mobility after an accident that may have caused joint replacement, fracture, or any other injury.

Other Therapy:
The Dyer center also offers occupational and speech therapy. The nurses who specialize in occupational therapy at Dyer help patients recover from a traumatic illness or accident. Occupational therapy is teaching independence to patients in activities such as bathing and eating. The nurses help with upper body strengthening, transfer training, which allows patients to be able to transfer themselves from chairs for example, and wheelchair management. The care of each patient is designed based on his or her needs and progress, and the nurses at Dyer are constantly finding new ways to be creative in their care.

The speech therapy is also provided to patients who need treatment addressing their functional communication and cognitive skills. Speech therapy also includes exercises for the swallowing function, diet modifications, and patient and family education about safe swallowing. The nurses develop personalized plans for patients by using appropriate evaluation tools in swallowing and cognition. They set up diets that will maintain lung health, safety, and proper nutrition guidelines. Services also expand to include articulation, fluency, resonance and voice, oral feeding, and language orders.

Clinical Services:
Nurses provide respiratory care, which covers any care for cardiac and post-stroke, non-traumatic brain injury, and Ostomy. Nurses will manage medication, IV and infusions, pain management, chronic lung disease management, and hospice. Other care provided is: wound care, infections, post-transplant and Hemodialysis.

Activities Program:
The Dyer center holds events for the residents, staff, and the community members several times a month. There are ice cream socials, movie and popcorn nights, cooking and exercise groups, community performers, arts and crafts events, pet therapy, holiday parties, coffee talks, and community outings.

Sheffield Manor Assisted Living Residence:
Sheffield Manor is the convenient answer for patients of Dyer Nursing looking to transition into a long-term senior living facility. The manor is an upscale assisted living facility that boasts comfort, independence, and security. They have nurses on staff 24 hours a day and apartment-like living residences that range in size depending on the patients’ desires.


  • Emergency Call System 24/7
  • Medication administration
  • Restaurant style dining
  • Handicap accessible showers and baths
  • Ice cream parlor
  • Beauty and barber Shop
  • Game room
  • Movie theater

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