Deborah Shepherd is Recognized for Outstanding Emergency Service at Porter Regional Hospital

Deborah Shepherd is Recognized for Outstanding Emergency Service at Porter Regional Hospital

Managing one emergency department sounds overwhelming, but managing three? That seems beyond human capabilities. Deborah Shepherd, Clinical Director of Emergency Services at Porter Regional Hospital, proves that this is indeed possible. With her positive energy and dedication to her community, Shepherd has been an effective leader and compassionate nurse, earning her the award of Clinical Manager of the Year.

Shepherd began working with Porter in September 2015, but she began her career well before then, honing her skills and developing a deep love for the work.

“I have always wanted to be an emergency department nurse,” Shepherd explained. “I worked in a level one trauma center in Oaklawn, Illinois for 16 years - Christ Hospital. It was in my blood. I was born to be an ER nurse! Then Porter built this big beautiful hospital three miles from my home and I made a difficult decision to leave Christ to care for members of this community - my community.”

Since then, she has been recognized for truly transforming the emergency departments at Porter Regional Hospital and providing high-quality service in Northwest Indiana. This is made possible not only by her dedicated work ethic on the job, but also by her involvement in the community outside of work. Between attending sporting events for her two teenagers and spending time with her family, Shepherd is involved with multiple community organizations, from 500 Turkeys, Inc. to the Honor Flight program with Southwest Airlines.

“My involvement in the community is just physically trying to be out anywhere I possibly can - meeting new people at different events, talking and listening to people and their experiences in our emergency departments and using that knowledge to always strive to improve our care,” she said.

Continued commitment to progress is what makes Shepherd worthy of such recognition. She stresses, however, that the award is not hers alone.

“To have received this award for Clinical Manager of the Year was no less than extremely humbling,” she explained. “But this award is not about me - this award is about our staff. What that award means to me is that I have been a part of helping to build the best staff we can for our three emergency departments, and that they are happy and successful as a result of that.”

Shepherd loves her job, her community, and her team. It is the success of her emergency department staff that keeps her going each and every day.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing our staff shine!” she explained. “Seeing them succeed is my greatest reward.”

While proud of the work she and her team have achieved, Shepherd still seeks to improve in the coming years. Her top priorities include striving to be the most sought out emergency departments in the area and making sure the staff is trained in a way that instills a love for the work.

“I think our staff in our three emergency departments are the best in the business for our community,” Shepherd said. “My opinion is that our hospital is striving to be number one - always. Providing the highest quality care we can for every patient, every time.”