Dear Friends and Neighbors

Dear Friends and Neighbors

This last year has certainly had its challenges and your VNA has not been immune. The COVID-19 outbreak challenged us in ways we would have never expected, but also created new opportunities for us to improve and advance in technology and creativity in service delivery. We are a better organization because of it. In fact, we still launched a vital three-year strategic plan that included a new mission statement— Making Best Days Possible.

The work we do, whether it’s in hospice, palliative care, or even in our Meals On Wheels program, is focused on maintaining independence, dignity, and quality in the time we’re all allotted. Even in the face of a global pandemic, best days are still possible.

Our incredible multidisciplinary team of nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, physicians, support staff, and volunteers all take this calling passionately and personally. We are incredibly proud of their resilience and commitment through these challenges and how we’ve risen up as a team.

One unfortunate outcome of COVID-19 was the pause it caused in the celebration of our 50th Anniversary—50 Years Forward. Assuring the health of our friends and staff was always paramount, so canceling all of the events including our 50th Anniversary “Groovy Gala” and inaugural Hops For Hospice brewfest was not a hard decision, but definitely one that stung.

We hope to recalibrate and try it again in 2021 in our “50-ish Anniversary” celebration. We look forward to seeing you all there and having a proper way to honor those who blazed the trails before us and to collectively look forward to our new horizon.

Thank you again for your time. This is your VNA. Your support and commitment to our mission is appreciated and necessary for us to continue serving this community with the unmatched depth, breadth, and compassion your VNA provides.

Robert Franko
Laura Frost
Chair, Board of Directors