David Steinberg Ensures Continued, Meaningful Advancement at Porter Regional Hospital

David Steinberg Ensures Continued, Meaningful Advancement at Porter Regional Hospital

With the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the healthcare system, hospitals must strive for continued improvement and innovation. Over the last year, Porter Regional Hospital has seen such growth, with much of the credit going to David Steinberg, Quality Improvement Data Manager, who has recently been named Non-Clinical Manager of the Year.

In his position, Steinberg is tasked with evaluating patient and hospital data to establish plans for improvement - plans that ultimately save lives. While he originally graduated from Bethel College with a degree in English Literature, Steinberg commented that his career fits his character and his work habits perfectly.

“My personality is always looking to do things better. I like to cross my t’s and dot my i’s,” he explained.

In addition to being very involved with The Joint Commission and State Board of Health accreditations, he has seen the greatest success in leading the hospital’s most recent sepsis initiative. Through focused data analysis and the development and communication of procedures for improvement, Steinberg’s work has led to a significant decrease in deaths by sepsis at Porter.

Quantitative accomplishments aside, Steinberg has also been recognized by his coworkers as being an excellent team player. Approachable and passionate about his work, Steinberg ensures that trust is a central part of all of his professional relationships.

Despite his notable achievements, receiving the honor as Non-Clinical Manager of the Year was unexpected.

“I was very surprised. There were a lot of people supporting me through that last year, and I can't speak highly enough of the leadership here,” said Steinberg. “It was very very nice to be recognized, and I was very surprised.”

Outside of work, Steinberg enjoys reading, exercising regularly, and spending time outside. As a father of eight, Steinberg spends much of his free time with his family and is also very committed to his church community. It is his family and friends that make the work he does at Porter Regional Hospital all the more meaningful.

“Honestly, the most rewarding part is when I know we [at Porter] have made an improvement in something because that influences patients,” Steinberg explained. “Every time we make an improvement, it’s personal. We are doing this for family and friends.”

This yearning for progress is not unique to Steinberg alone. According to Steinberg, this approach is reflected in every employee and every department at Porter.

“There's something about Porter. There’s something about the culture here,” Steinberg said. “[Everyone] is totally involved with improving performances and doing top-level medicine. We’re always on the leading edge, continuing to push the envelope for high quality and outcomes.”

Through Steinberg’s leadership and dedicated contributions, Porter will continue to to grow as a leading force in Northwest Indiana healthcare, saving lives and strengthening community.