Culver’s Delights Kids, Families With Easter Celebration

Culver’s Delights Kids, Families With Easter Celebration

On Saturday, Culver’s of Valparaiso held their 3rd annual Easter celebration much to the delight of kids and families who came out to enjoy the holiday festivities. The fun-filled event featured games, a coloring contest, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt as well as the Easter Bunny and Culvers’ very own, Scoopie.

“This is our 3rd year doing the event,” said Marilyn Christman, from Culver’s. “We have an Egg Hunt for all different age groups. It’s just a great way to get the community together and the kids get to see the Easter Bunny. We’ve also had some cool games out for the kids. We had a spoon game and a the ‘toss the egg’ game. There were coloring sheets that they’re coloring for a chance to win an Easter Basket. We had a jellybean counting contest where they guess how many jellybeans are in the jar and we’re giving out gift cards to the winner.”

“Culver’s franchise is based on hospitality so we believe in continuing that,” Christman said. “Our owner, Wendy (Gates), is very good about giving back to the community that supports us so we like to give back where we can. They’re also holding the event in Schereville today. We had a lot of kids come out this year. It’s been a beautiful day. In the three years we’ve been doing this we’ve never had to do it inside so we’ve been fortunate and picked good days for the event.”

Christman wanted to recognize the great work of the entire team at Culver’s in helping to make another Easter Celebration a success.

“We’re a team,” Christman said. “I’m definitely not the only one out here. Everybody does something and I always want to recognize the team because whether you’re inside working or out here helping out it takes everyone to make it work.”

There having a blast with her children and grandchildren was Mary P. from Porter County.

“This is my first Easter with my grand kids,” said Mary. “It’s so exciting! We love Culver’s and we were so happy to hear about the event. The kids get to see the Easter Bunny, play some games and hunt for Easter Eggs. It was great!”

Coming up in April at Culver’s they’ll be celebrating Autism Awareness for the entire month and raising money for one local charity.

Check out more photos of the hunt here!

“The Valparaiso and Schereville Culver’s locations have a Charity of the Month every month where we support a local charity,” said Christman. “We do different events whether it’s a ‘Benefit Day’ or a ‘Round-Up Day’ where people round up their change. I believe in April we’ll be doing a ‘Benefit Day’ and trinket sales where we’ll sell different items to raise money for the charity. We have a guy who has a race car that he’ll be bringing out that supports Autism Awareness. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”