Crown Point Welcomes Summer with Their Annual Car Cruise

Downtown Crown Point was a great place to be on Thursday night. Car lovers, gear heads, and anyone interested in a show came out to the annual Crown Point Car Cruise.

"This began in 2007 with previous admin. It really took off. It was meant to help the downtown businesses," Diana Bosse, Special Events Administrator for the City of Crown Point said. "People can check out the downtown. It keeps growing and we have great attendance. It's really a great time and people love to show off their cars."

All around the square cars were parked with their hoods up and windows open so that spectators could get a glimpse of the innards of the vehicle. Businesses were open so that everyone could get in some shopping or grab something to eat during the cruise. Parts of South Main Street were blocked off and that was the parking place for many of these mean machines.

Bill Edwards of Cedar Lake brought out his tangelo pearl 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 to show off.

"I've been coming here for years. Thursday nights you have to come out to the car show," Edwards said.

This show means the kickoff of summer for Crown Point. It was a gorgeous evening and many came out to enjoy it. Music by 5 Star DJ played songs in the background and it mixed well with sounds of chatter and the growls of engines. The DJ was sponsored by Mike Adams the Hot Dog Guy.

"This is the opening night of the car cruise. I'm here Monday through Friday and I stayed open late tonight for the event. I'm a big supporter of the car cruise," Adams said. "Last year the town nominated me as the Sponsor of the Year and tonight I am the Sponsor of the Evening so I have a DJ here and we're just here to have a good time and sell some hotdogs."

The car cruise will take place every Thursday 4-8pm through September so don't worry if you missed this one. You'll have all summer to come out and see some great cars in a great city.

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