Crown Point Latin Club Achievements at National Convention 2018

Crown-Point-Latin-Club-Achievements-at-National-Convention-2018_01 Twenty-one Crown Point High School students, eleven Senior Classical League former Crown Point graduates, and one Crown Point High School Latin Club sponsor recently gathered together with approximately 1300 students and teachers from across the United States at the 65th annual National Junior Classical League Convention held at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Students competed in academic, graphic art, creative art, and athletic events. Additionally, students participated in daily spirit competitions.

The Indiana delegation placed third in the nation among medium chapters on the “Rock ’n’ Roll JCL” spirit day, led by Indiana JCL (IJCL) 2nd Vice President Kayla Apking of Crown Point High School. In the state publication contest, Indiana earned third place with the newsletter Veritas et Scientia, written by IJCL Editor Maddie Johnson of Crown Point High School. In the sports competitions, Indiana performed well, earning first place in the boys relay, second in the girls relay, third in ultimate frisbee, fourth in basketball, and fourth in volleyball.

Students also attended many educational colloquia throughout the week covering a variety of topics focused upon the classical world. Some of the favorite colloquia sessions included “Roman Graffiti”, “Penelope’s Loom”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Roman Board Games” and “Roman Curses”. Students also participated in a community service project which involved reusing plastic bags to construct sleeping mats to be given to the homeless in the Cincinnati area.

In addition, seven Crown Point students represented Indiana in the National Latin Certamen Tournament held at convention, a Jeopardy-like competition with questions covering a range of topics about the ancient world. The novice team consisted of Joey Bell, Aidan Gregg, and Miles Vickers, all of Crown Point. Crown Point’s Toni Bunch, Joseph Burke, and Lukas Denney competed at the intermediate level. At the advanced level, Kayla Apking of Crown Point competed for Indiana.

Both prior to and following convention, students from Crown Point joined their peers from across the state in a fun-filled bus tour with stops at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum, Riverboat cruise, Cincinnati Art Museum, Newport Aquarium, King’s Island, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, and Jungle Jim’s International Market.

Crown-Point-Latin-Club-Achievements-at-National-Convention-2018_02 Crown Point High School’s Latin Club was named as a national member of the Century Club with well over 100 students involved. A first place was earned in the chapter publicity contest for Best Club Swag, submission by Emma Maddack. In the local publications contest the Crown Point newsletter Tempus Canis (Time of the Dog) earned 8th place. A fifth place was also received for the chapter’s scrapbook, created by Ava Dailey. Individual students placed well in many other categories with 18 top 5 placings in total. First year student Miles Vickers earned a first place in the Weapons and Armor competition with his authentic handmade replica of a Roman sword.

Top five places were achieved by the following students:
Kayla Apking, Jessica Bao, Joey Bell, Olivia Bianco, Ava Dailey, Dugan Dailey, Lukas Denney, Ethan Dosen, Tyler Huitsing, Maddie Johnson, Zack Matijevich, Julie Tran, Miles Vickers, Hannah Walley

Crown Point High School Latin students in attendance:
Kayla Apking, Jessica Bao, Joseph Bell, Olivia Bianco, Toni Bunch, Joe Burke, Ava Dailey, Dugan Dailey, Lukas Denney, Ethan Dosen, Aidan Gregg, Anne Gregg, Tyler Huitsing, Madilyn Johnson, Morgan Kositzky, Emma Maddack, Zack Matijevich, Julie Tran, Miles Vickers, Ella Walley, Hannah Walley

Sponsor: Jeremy Walker

Senior Classical League Members and CPHS graduates in attendance: Casey Akers, Claire Dosen, Emily Fender, Brittany Krowiarz, Bekah Maddack, Kristina Mihajlovic, Alex Rettker, Ryan Sizemore, Elizabeth Szymanski, Katherine Szymanski, Susie Szymanski