Crown Point Hosts Opening Ceremony for Wall of Heroes Memorial to Honor City’s Veterans

Crown Point Hosts Opening Ceremony for Wall of Heroes Memorial to Honor City’s Veterans

Our veterans and troops have fought hard to protect our freedom and our country, so it’s important to remember and honor their bravery and sacrifice to keep us safe. On Monday in Crown Point, an opening ceremony was held for The Wall of Heroes in front of the “Embracing Peace” statue. The iconic statue of a sailor kissing a nurse after the end of World War II arrived on Valentines Day this past year in Crown Point.

The Art In Point committee members, Councilwoman Carol Drasga, Councilwoman Laura Sauerman and Crown Point Business Owner Kimberly Geisen worked diligently to make the ceremony a success. Residents were able to have their family members name engraved on the Wall of Heroes, which is near the Sportsplex for the community to give recognition to our military branches.

"I think it's a great way to honor our veterans and current troops," said Diana Bosse, Special Events Administrator for Crown Point.

"I'm a proud dad whose daughter is currently serving in the Air Force," said David Uran, Mayor of Crown Point. "This day is about honoring and recognizing the people who risk their lives to preserve the freedoms that we take for granted."

To Jesse R. Gomez, who was an Aviation Electrician in the Navy, the iconic “Embracing Peace” statue represents the courage, bravery, and strength of the Navy. In 1968, when Gomez was serving, there were 191 casualties in two weeks. Gomez has overcome many difficulties to defend the U.S. and to serve his nation.

"I want people to realize what the Marine Corps and the Army have sacrificed," said Gomez.

Young scouts held flags throughout the ceremony and the crowd sang “God Bless America" in unison to remember the struggles our military faced and the lives lost. The Crown Point High School Band played "Marches of the Armed Forces" to commemorate both the veterans in Crown Point and all those who have served.

"It's an honor to be able to play in front of everybody," said Ryan Mount, a member of the Crown Point Band. "It's nice to be involved in community activities and for everybody to come together to support those who served our country."

The Wall of Heroes has over 132 names, and now, the Crown Point community will be able to see the heroes who made history and strived to give us freedom.

If you want to add your loved one to the Wall of Heroes, you can submit their name to the Art In Point committee. For more information, please visit their website.