Crown Point Bulldogs B.P.A. at State

CPHS-BPA-SLC-Press-Release-3-14-15The Business Professionals of America chapter at Crown Point High School has proven themselves again. March 6, through the 8th, the C.P.H.S. B.P.A. chapter competed in Indianapolis at the State Leadership Conference. Approximately 1,600 students and teachers from all over the state of Indiana converged on the Marriott Hotel where they competed in approximately 65 different business events.

The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, academic, citizenship, and technological skills. BPA contributes to the preparation of students for their colleges and careers. Business Professionals of America is committed to developing the best possible career and technical education organization for students in the U.S. The measure of success for BPA students is highly competent and skilled professionals in business and workforce professionals who maintain economic vitality and high quality of life.

“Students who compete in B.P.A. do so because of their love for business. Our students are enrolled in dual credit rigorous courses and take it upon themselves to also engage in this academic club where they are expected to perform at top levels to compete with students in business events from all across the state. BPA is the perfect competitive arena to prepare students for the business world,” stated Advisor, Mary Bachnak. “Colleges look to see that high school business students actively differentiate themselves by preparing for their futures now, and B.P.A. is the perfect way to accomplish it.”

This year, C.P.H.S. had 40 students compete at the district competition at Portage H.S., 25 of those students qualified for the state competition, and 23 students attended. Students who participated at the state competition were: Hannah Carter, Alycia Pappenheim, Alexia Wojciechowski, Lauren Costello, Anthony Kendall, Nick Winter, Haley Grubbs, Amy McNally, Jessica Yukich, Celeste Otano, Griffin Beemsterboer, Matt Frechette, Kyle Venditti, Giulio Bracco, Adam Duda, Nate Hanlon, Luke Billeck, Daniel Guzman, Mike Krapf, Mark Mazure, Garrett Shoemaker, Nick Grothaus, and Blake Macke.