Crossroads further unites Region businesses and community by rebranding to Northwest Indiana’s chamber

Crossroads further unites Region businesses and community by rebranding to Northwest Indiana’s chamber

It’s always an incredible feeling to look back and see how much has been accomplished in a year. For the Crossroads Chamber, this past year has been quite monumental – the organization is quickly approaching the one-year celebration of rebranding to the Region’s chamber. As an initiative that began to help further its commitment to members and businesses across Northwest Indiana, the rebranding has already sparked an impactful new beginning for many throughout the Region.

The rebranding was launched on April 12, 2023, to reflect the broad scope of services Crossroads provides for Region businesses. The organization has always been adamant about serving these local entities. Rebranding let Crossroads expand on that collaboration while becoming a main business hub in Northwest Indiana.

“We want to partner and collaborate with other regional organizations across Northwest Indiana and be a support to all chambers,” said Crossroads President and CEO Deann Patena.

The rebranding itself included a new name, logo, visual identity, message, and revision of all programs and services. Each change was made with the Northwest Indiana community in mind so the Chamber can meet the needs of its members and the communities those members serve.

“These changes were implemented to better align the chamber with its evolving mission, vision, and values and to better represent and serve the diverse businesses and industries within the Region,” Patena said. ”The changes we have observed post-rebranding include increased participation from businesses across the Region, greater visibility in regional economic development initiatives, and a more cohesive sense of identity and purpose among members.”

Many members have strongly felt the impact of this rebranding, including Crown Point Mayor Pete Land. As mayor, Land holds a philosophy to do everything in his power to help the businesses within the city thrive, many of which are smaller and locally owned. In addition to building on years of an already well-established relationship, the move to a more Region-focused chamber has allowed Land to go above and beyond when creating ample opportunities for the people he serves.

“Crossroads has a large number of businesses that are members, and I think the more it expands, the more businesses it brings in,” Land said. “My long-held philosophy is that the city has a responsibility to do everything it can to help promote our businesses and make them successful, and we can do that by having a strong partnership with the chamber. It does a fantastic job supporting and marketing the businesses. We, likewise, want to do what we can to help it – it’s a positive thing and something we like to work on together.”

Katie Holderby, Crossroads chairman-elect, has held a few different positions over the years in addition to her work at the chamber. Previously with the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority (CVA), Holderby is currently the Director of Alumni Engagement for Purdue University Northwest (PNW).

While the companies at first seem different, they share a goal of bringing many different people together for a common purpose. Both roles have helped Holderby immensely with her work at Crossroads, as the chamber similarly brings businesses of all kinds together for unique opportunities unlike any other.

A Northwest Indiana native, Holderby also noticed how broad the Region is and how many different businesses reside in the area. She was beyond thrilled to see Crossroads’ rebranding as it further engages with these businesses to not only become a Regional chamber but also a Regional leader.

“None of us do business exclusively in our hometowns. I live in Crown Point. I’ve worked in Hammond for the past 25 years. My insurance agent is in DeMotte. My bank is in Hammond, my physician is in Munster, my dentist is in Merrillville – we all do business regionally, by living in an area like this,” Holderby said. “I always think it's important for all these organizations to speak ‘Region speak,’ and Crossroads really personifies that well. It makes sense for organizations like PNW, banks, insurance companies, and all those services we need. It's important for the chamber to have that messaging for its members.”

While serving a niche market, Merrillville-based disaster recovery company BELFOR Property Restoration has found a home with Crossroads. Connie Vizena — Crossroads ambassador committee chair, expo committee member, and BELFOR general manager — has fully supported the rebranding. She has supported the rebranding for this reason — to fully experience the wonderful community that makes up the Region.

“I think the change with the name and direction was an awesome move,” Vizena said. “When you join a chamber, you need to find a chamber that has a sense of community. You need like-minded people within your region who are going to help make everyone's business prosper — that’s something Crossroads is very good at with networking. It's getting your name and your business out there working with one another and building this as a family community.”

Networking is a huge part of Crossroad’s culture as a means to strengthen that community. The chamber is always looking forward to seeing just how the team can further connect with and provide great opportunities for everyone in Northwest Indiana by becoming the Region’s chamber.

Establishing such a welcoming environment to businesses of all kinds has gone a long way, especially for Chamber Member GreatNews.Life (GNL). For years, GNL has attended Crossroads events and worked closely with the chamber as it is a leading business group in the Region.

The effort Crossroads has put forth has left an impact on GNL Founder Chris Mahlmann, and he is beyond excited to watch the chamber continue to grow with the chamber’s rebranding now in play.

“Doing great work and having fun doing it is at the heart of what Crossroads has developed and stepping forward as the Region’s chamber is a natural progression for an organization that does so much to bring good people and good work together,” Mahlmann said.

Crossroads further unites Region businesses community by rebranding to Northwest Indiana’s chamber. For more information on how Crossroads Chamber is working to change the Northwest Indiana business world for the better, visit