CompressAir recommends Aluminum piping products as efficient and durable options for customers

CompressAir recommends Aluminum piping products as efficient and durable options for customers

Every day, technology is evolving. Items involved in daily life improve every year, becoming more efficient, more capable, more intuitive, and more intelligent. These technological advances are not reserved only for the latest iPhones and the latest cars. Equipment has also evolved over the years, and CompressAir is proud to offer advanced equipment to its customers. 

CompressAir has a rich supply of compressed air piping and favors Transair Aluminum Piping and Infinity Aluminum Piping.  

“CompressAir chooses Aluminum Piping because it is the ideal system for compressed air and vacuum applications,” said Install Technician Nick Soder. “Infinity uses push to connect fittings, eliminating the need to thread or weld the pipe which offers savings on installation costs for customers. A unique benefit to Infinity piping is that it can be combined with existing copper or steel compressed air piping systems making it the ideal piping for expansions or upgrades to compressed air applications.”

Soder said that CompressAir also chooses Transair and Infinity as its vendors because they are lightweight, easy to install, versatile, high-quality, reliable, and affordable. They are an all-metal, quick-connect system that CompressAir knows will serve its customers well.

All benefits of Transair Aluminum Piping and Infinity Aluminum Piping considered, Soder is not surprised to see CompressAir’s customers are choosing these products. While the upfront cost of the piping is higher than steel installations, the air system stays cleaner and more adaptable, making it a better long-term investment. These streamlined air systems surpass conventional steel piping and are more accommodating to customer’s needs. 

Soder described CompressAir’s customer base for these products as growing companies realizing how their growth will affect air consumption. 75 percent of CompressAir’s customers have adapted to aluminum air piping not only for its quality of operation but also for its ability to minimize contaminants. 

CompressAir is committed to providing its customers with customized air piping and helps customers design their method of getting air from the air compressor to their manufacturing machines. They recommend their aluminum piping products because they are efficient, reliable, and safe to use. 

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