CompressAir offers top-notch dryers for customers

CompressAir offers top-notch dryers for customers

Ensuring your business has the best dryer that suits your needs is CompressAir’s bread and butter. Air Systems Specialist Jessika Pokropinski has been helping customers with narrowing down their choices for a quality dryer system for the past six years. The number of options available for customers can be an unsure task, but Pokropinski uses her encyclopedic knowledge of air quality systems to ensure the customer is making the right choice for their business. 

“The customer would need to know the cubic feet per minute (CFM) flow from the compressors,” Pokropinski said. “Inlet temperature, ambient temperature conditions, and what air quality class or dew point is needed - these parameters are what we need to determine the correct factor to properly size the right dryer.”  

Desiccant dryer pictured.

There are two major types of dryers available to customers. A desiccant dryer, which uses a hygroscopic substance as a drying agent that does not rely on a reduced dew point. This dryer can filter moisture in temperatures colder than that of the Arctic Circle.

The other type of dryer is a refrigerated dryer. Refrigerated dryers are more meant for indoor usage. They can typically provide filtration for around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Pokropinski and the staff at CompressAir make this often-unsure process simple and suited for the customer’s needs. 

Refrigerated dryer pictured.

“There are a lot of moving parts and variables when it comes to putting together a compressed air system,” Pokropinski said. “Our sales staff can help with the initial compressor sizing, determine the right fit for air treatment based off of the customers’ needs, or even help with the piping and making sure the compressor room is set up properly.” 

Another crucial part of the buying process is determining the warranty on the model, along with who will provide maintenance when the time arises. CompressAir helps simplify this by taking a similar approach as the family-owned business, by building a relationship with their clientele. 

“Maintenance depends on the environment the compressors are in, hours of production, and of course any warranty guidelines that need to be met by the equipment manufacturers,” Pokropinski said. “CompressAir helps streamline this process with flexible maintenance agreements or simply reaching out to the customer and providing a quote when the equipment is about due for service.” 

CompressAir prides itself on helping their customers at any stage of the buying process whether it is narrowing down the requirements needed to set up an air dryer system or providing quotes for layouts and pricing. 

“Our sales staff provides assistance at any stage of the customers’ buying cycle,” Pokropinski said. “We can help with the initial planning stages from scheduling on-site visits to help guide the customer on equipment needed to providing a whole compressed air system layout and pricing. We can also help with current system improvements through plant assessments and air audits.” 

The thing that separates CompressAir apart from other competitors in the industry is its focus on helping its customers regardless of the situation. 

“Our customers can always count on us to be there in emergency situations,” Pokropinski said. “Whether it is an after-hour or weekend air emergency, our customers know we are there for them and easy to get a hold of.” 

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