CompressAir helps you choose the right compressor for your business needs

CompressAir helps you choose the right compressor for your business needs

Choosing the right air compressor to support your business is a complex decision, and what you look for in your new machine can vary depending on your needs. One thing that can help make the process a lot simpler is connecting with an expert service provider such as CompressAir to help answer your questions.

“A customer really needs to understand their needs, and we can help with that,” said Tyler Crowl, Sales Manager at CompressAir. “Are they purchasing a new compressor because their old one is unreliable, are they looking to gain efficiencies and reduce operating costs, or are they looking to add capacity to their current system? Those questions can be answered by speaking to one of our sales engineers and we can support and put a solution together to satisfy their need.”

One of the first steps is determining what kind of compressor best fits your business, as there is quite a wide variety of options. Rotary screw, reciprocating, scroll, oil-free rotary screw, and centrifugal are the most common options for manufacturing.

“There are a lot of in-depth questions that need to be answered when selecting the right type of technology for your needs, but the amount of air needed is the major question,” Crowl said. “What is the air demand on the facility like? Is it a consistent load, is it sporadic, or is there a minimum load the facility sees at all times? What type of industry is the customer in? Typically food and beverage, plus health care and pharmaceutical lean towards an oil free machine, which would be a Scroll, Oil Free Rotary Screw, or Centrifugal.”

If you do not know the answer to those questions, CompressAir is available to help.

“We do full-facility walkthroughs and energy assessments to assist the end user,” he said. “We’re absolutely here to answer any questions or concerns.”

Once you have made your choice, CompressAir puts all of their focus on making maintenance as convenient and thorough as possible.

“Service after the purchase is made is something that we at CompressAir prides ourselves on,” Crowl said. “We tailor each customer’s service specifically to their site. Once we know the customer’s shift, we explain the recommended maintenance to adhere to our manufacturer’s warranty requirements and tailor their maintenance reoccurrence to them specifically. Whether they run 24/7/365, 40 hours a week, or anywhere in between, we have a recommendation to make sure the equipment is being maintained properly at peak reliability.”

Compressed air is so essential to manufacturers that it is considered the fourth utility. Making the right decision on your compressor and service provider is essential to maintaining your business’ productivity – something CompressAir understands better than anyone in the Region.

“We know air compressors and keeping them running make up sometimes 50% of a plant’s utility expenses,” Crowl said. “Most plants can’t run without air. Making ourselves readily available to handle any obstacle the customer has and being able to do it efficiently and get the customer taken care of is what we pride ourselves on. We do more than just fix the problem; we try to educate our customers on why the problem happened and how they can be proactive to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

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