CompressAir company values are the cornerstone of excellent service

CompressAir company values are the cornerstone of excellent service

Companies who use compressed air systems have a lot riding on making sure those systems work, all the time, and efficiently. CompressAir is on standby, ready to serve compressed air needs large and small in the Region and backed by a set of values that serve as the cornerstone of their relationships with customers and employees.

"You need more than a compressed air provider— you need a partner, so we’re committed to giving you quality products, innovative approaches, and reliable support,” said Brittany Fisher, Marketing Specialist for CompressAir. “We serve you with integrity, because you deserve honest answers. And we realize trust is earned, so we’re loyal to your needs.”

CompressAir’s values are rooted in the organization’s 15-year history of being family owned and operated.

With a strong focus on customer service, CompressAir keeps the customer’s wellbeing at the forefront of service, striving to help them reduce energy costs and increase efficiency of their compressed air systems. When they’re not providing in-person guidance to customers, CompressAir takes time to offer a friendly online approach to service as well. A quick glance at their website reveals a commitment to educating the customer with comprehensive FAQs about how and when to address compressed air system issues and how to keep equipment functioning well to reduce the need for service calls. Their online blog introduces customers to the company, employees, and industry news.

Here's a look at the CompressAir values and how they translate to exceptional service.

Innovation. The company approaches every problem in fresh ways, and uses engineering skills, experiences, and resources to propose new ideas and solutions. Even when things don’t go as planned, service technicians are highly trained to work around these obstacles and get the job done. For instance, if they are unable to get a machine back up and running due to a part they need, they will contact the company’s sales department to get a rental to keep everything in operation. They even extend that to the communities they serve, working to help build the next generation of innovators in other industries.

Quality. Everything CompressAir designs and engineers, from compressor room applications to piping jobs, is carefully built to the highest standards. Customers frequently choose CompressAir because of mutual cooperation and the fact that the company can offer a complete plan, from start to finish. This always makes customers feel they can trust the company.

Loyalty. CompressAir stays true to customers and employees. A testament to this loyalty is their strong relationship with Sullair as a distributor. The company has adopted the motto “we bleed green” because of its strong relationship with Sullair, garnering them the Spirit of Sullair award two years in a row (2018 and 2019) for demonstrating a committing to the full breadth of Sullair products and services, promoting the Sullair brand, and offering sales and service training to employees, among other high-quality attributes. CompressAir also is loyal to employees, offering fierce support for each other in a family-owned company environment. CompressAir started with about seven or eight employees and has grown to 31 today between their La Porte and Elkhart facilities.

“That’s not just 31 people, though. These are 31 families that rely on us for their livelihood, and we take that seriously,” said owner Andy Crowl.

CompressAir men standing in factory

Integrity. CompressAir speaks and operates with truthfulness and sincerity, acting with honesty and fairness and making customers the highest priority. Sales team members help customers dissect situations and provide the right solutions, regardless of profit. For example, in the event that a customer’s machine is malfunctioning, CompressAir will pursue the most efficient course of action with care, whether it means fixing it or replacing it. The sales team also does a data log for seven days to learn the machine’s usage, pressure, and demand. Then they can figure out the exact machine that is best for the customer’s application. Integrity at CompressAir starts with the owner, who models that behavior for everyone.

“As a business owner, you wear many hats. I’m the first one in, and the last one out a lot of times, and that means everything from plowing the driveway before everyone gets here, to starting the coffee,” Crowl said.

Reliability. By offering 24/7 emergency on-call service, CompressAir can keep customers running and in business, even during a pandemic. Recently when health care officials decided they were going to be re-opening a dormant hospital, CompressAir evaluated and restarted up equipment to get them up opened, quickly. Then, they sent two technicians to the facility to make sure everything was running properly so hospital staff could begin treating patients in need of ventilators.

CompressAir’s philosophy revolves around cooperation and problem solving, and these five values exhibit the company’s dedication to giving its customers the best experience it can offer.

“If we treat our customers like partners and work together to create a solid plan, doing business will always be easy, stress-free, and reliable,” Fisher said.

CompressAir has been providing full-service engineering, professional sales, and around-the-clock technical services since 1987. With main offices located at 1758 Genesis Drive in La Porte, CompressAir works with customers to reduce energy costs and increase the efficiency of their compressed air systems.

For more information on its services, feel free to visit or call 219-369-4880

CompressAir’s 24-hour emergency service number is 1-800-930-7247.