Comprehensive Care. Comfort and Compassion. The Center for Women’s Health

Center-for-Womens-Health-1What we have created,” explained Esther Lee, M.D., “is a comprehensive program where women can come for screenings, detection, diagnosis and treatment.” Fellowship trained in breast imaging, Dr. Lee says the Center is on par with national benchmarks for the detection of breast cancer. “Women can come here and feel confident, because we offer accredited breast care and diagnostics.”

When a woman comes for her appointment, she will be directed into a private dressing room, which leads directly to one of the mammography suites. “All diagnostic mammogram and breast ultrasound patients get their results before leaving the facility,” said Lee. “We want to make sure when we send a woman home, she has answers and is not left wondering over a period of days or weeks.”

Center-for-Womens-Health-2In addition to treating a woman’s medical needs, the Center also helps women emotionally, in large part, thanks to the availability of a Patient Navigator. For women with an abnormal mammogram or newly diagnosed with cancer, the news is often unsettling, and the last thing needed is the added stress of trying to figure out what to do next and where to get the appropriate treatment.

The Patient Navigator acts as a woman’s liaison and to help her make informed choices. The Navigator is the patient’s advocate for quality care. She will assist patients to see that all needed testing is done in the shortest time possible. She connects the woman with the appropriate breast specialists and will even make the appointments for her. But, perhaps her biggest service is being available to the patient before, during and after her treatment. She makes the system easy to navigate and helps take the fear out of the process.

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