Community Focus #1 for Donna Brandy

Community Focus #1 for Donna Brandy

Many of the people that make up this region are community-focused—they enjoy giving back and volunteering. For Donna Brandy of RCS Home Healthcare, volunteering is one of her favorite ways to spend her time and be with friends and family. Donna Brandy loves the community she lives and serves in and works hard to give back.

Volunteering gives Donna Brandy a larger purpose. She really enjoys being involved, whether it be due to her career or giving back on her own time; there are countless opportunities for her input and involvement. When Donna Brandy sees the seniors that need more information and education on the resources available to them, she jumps at the chance to help.

“Knowledge is power,” said Donna Brandy. “These seniors aren’t as tech savvy and don’t always know the information needed, so they rely on the information they receive from the community. I am happy to be part of the outlet for them and want to give them as much education, resources, and assistance as possible.”

Donna Brandy created Senior Angels through her job working with the elderly. She saw many angel trees around the holidays for kids and was sad not to see the same for the seniors. She recognized the need and instantly wanted to fill that void.

“I have been blessed throughout my life, so I am honored to give back and have the ability to do so,” said Donna Brandy. “I volunteer on the Volunteer Auxiliary for St. Mary’s Hospital, so does my mom. I am new to the group but seeing the joy my mom got from it, I wanted a piece of that happiness.”

With all her experiences with donations, volunteer opportunities, and community involvement, Donna Brandy has some great, memorable stories. It is easy to see why she does all this when she shares her favorite memory.

Community-Focus-1-for-Donna-Brandy-02“The Hobart Fire Department helped our team at RCS Home Healthcare and some other partners deliver gifts last Christmas,” said Donna Brandy. “To see the faces of those seniors who may not have had a Christmas otherwise was amazing. We pulled up in a huge ladder truck and really made them light up with excitement. Shameia Pope of Sebo’s and I were so lucky to deliver gifts with those firemen.”

As the Marketing Director of RCS Home Healthcare, Donna Brandy enjoys helping seniors and being part of a sensational team. She has been with the company for three and half years; this is her first marketing job. She attributes much of her success to the person who hired her, Dr. Ahmed. She had little experience but a lot of passion for caring for seniors, and Dr. Ahmed took a chance on her.

“I asked Dr. Ahmed about a year after I started why he hired me and he said, ‘Because I saw a spark in your eye,’ and I have never forgotten that,” Donna Brandy said. “He took a chance on me. It makes me strive even more every day for the company. RCS Home Healthcare goes above and beyond for their patients. I see it every day and want to ensure the community sees that as well.”

The team within RCS Home Healthcare is another reason Donna Brandy loves her career and the company she works for.

“We all have each other’s’ backs every day,” said Donna Brandy. “Every time I need something, the team jumps in and helps. We care for our seniors with their specific needs and each person’s role within the team ensures that.”

Born in Valparaiso, Donna Brandy couldn’t help but return to the region here after many years in other parts of the country.

“I love Indiana and the people here,” said Donna Brandy. “This is my place and my pace. Having two sons; Brandon, 23 and Tyler, 12, Indiana is perfect for us. The people here are caring and compassionate, and it makes me so happy to live here.”

Donna Brandy is a great community member and the region is lucky to have her. To learn more about RCS Home Healthcare visit their site: or email Donna Brandy today: