City of Whiting and BP Bring Road to Rio to Whihala Beach

BP and the City of Whiting worked together to bring Road to Rio, an exhibit displaying past superstar athletes and future promotion for the 2015 Rio Paralympics and Team USA. Taking place at Whiting's Whihala Beach County Park, the clear skies and sunny weather were a perfect backdrop for the event.

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“We're here to kick off and celebrate the Road to Rio along with building awareness about both the Rio Olympics and Team USA,” said Director of Marketing Activation of the US Olympic Committee David Giglio.

The event featured several interactive exhibits designed to both inform and let guests participate in simulated Olympic events.

“We have interactive exhibits along with photos of past Olympians as well as a wall of ten of the most iconic moments from Team USA history,” said Giglio. “One of the most exciting attractions is an exhibit that allows simulates Paralympic racing against famous athlete Tatyana McFadden.”

Other activities took place with the roaring waves of Whihala Beach as the backdrop including basketball which attracted both young and old players alike.

Road to Rio was able to set up in Whiting due to the close cooperation of both BP and the City of Whiting who both were open and receptive to the event and what it brought to the city.

“We worked very closely with the City of Whiting and BP,” said Giglio. “They have been tremendous to work with. This is BP's event and because of them and the City of Whiting, this event could happen today. They were all outstanding to work with and very accommodating.”

Giglio credits BP as a huge asset and supporter of Team USA and credits their close connection with Whiting as one of the primary reasons behind this.

“BP has been a great supporter of Team USA,” says Giglio. “Whiting has been a great city to BP due to their refinery. It's a great city employee incentive to come out and support Team USA and this event.”

Road to Rio also featured a special guest in the form of Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross who posed with fans and let them wear her gold medals.

As the event finished in Whiting and prepared for its next stop at Houston Texas, Giglio was happy to spend a day in Whiting and let the Whiting community know of all of the victories that Team USA has brought and hopes to bring at the Rio Paralympics.

“This has been an exciting community event that was open to the public and one of the many things that BP does for the community of Whiting,” said Giglio.