City of Hobart Unites During National Night Out

City of Hobart Unites During National Night Out

The Hobart Police Department is one of the many police departments in the region that consistently adopts initiatives to unite the community through education and fun. The Hobart Police Department celebrated the National Night Out Against Crime on the evening of Tuesday, August 2, at Hobart High School.

The main objective of the event is to promote interaction between community residents, allowing them to learn more about Hobart and the initiatives and programs that exist within. Additionally, local artists across the region performed during the evening, celebrating the unification of citizens.

Hobart Police Chief Rick Zormier said, “It’s important for law enforcement to be involved in such community events. The event today is free for everyone in Hobart. Our main goal is provide a healthy outlet for families to have a good time while also allowing them to meet different officials in law enforcement.”

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Zormier was absolutely correct. The high school’s layout allowed for numerous activities to happen simultaneously. Admission into the event was free, and kids were able to play in bounce houses, get their faces painted, and watch fireworks with the family. Additionally, the K-9 Unit, the Hobart Fire Department, and SWAT Team performed several demonstrations and provided explanations for exactly what they were doing. The event’s goal was not only to promote family fun, but also spread education about law enforcement does on a day-to-day basis.

Hobart Schools Superintendent Peggy Buffington said, “The event tonight hopes to act as a haven for family fun. We have so many activities for people of all ages, and the high school is a great venue. The Hobart High School Varsity sports teams have also had the opportunity to interact with young kids and give them autographs. It’s important for them to set a good example.”

I had the opportunity to talk to some of the Hobart High School athletes who voluntarily dedicated their time to come to the event and meet the younger kids that look up to them. Every single one of them was there for the right reasons; it was evident that they all aspire to be good role models for the younger generation. Many of them remember looking up to high school athletes when they were in elementary school, so it was amazing to see them be the leaders this year. It was promising to see the future of Hobart in compassionate and capable hands.

Madyson, 9-year-old Hobart resident, said, “This event is awesome because I get to spend time with my friends and family. I’m able to get my face painted and listen to awesome music! Also, my brother is an athlete so we got the chance to see him on the field.”

It was great to see the effort that law enforcement makes to connect with the community was truly heartening. The Hobart Police Department and the Fire Department go the extra mile to get to know the constituents, demonstrating their dedication to making Hobart and Northwest Indiana a safer place.