Christenson Chevy Superstore offers safe driving options to Region teens

Christenson Chevy Superstore offers safe driving options to Region teens
By: Sarah DeMars Last Updated: May 9, 2019

When most parents try to picture their son or daughter driving for the first time, it might look something like a nightmare. What if a strange animal runs into the street? Or a tire goes flat? It’s not difficult to imagine all the things that could go wrong. Yet, driving is an important milestone in all our lives! There is something amazing about being able to road trip with your family, drive to the beach on a sunny day, or enjoy a drive-in movie. Make no mistake, driving a car is a powerful responsibility and safety should be your number one priority. It’s a good thing that the people over at Christenson Chevy Superstore are making it easier for parents and teenagers to drive safer with their Teen Driver Package!

The Chevy Teen Driver Package offers multiple cool features to make it easy to monitor a teen’s driving habits. When parents let their children use a Chevy vehicle with the Teen Driver Package, parents can review the trips that their children take. They can see how fast the car was going at its maximum speed, the warnings the car would give the driver, and the total distance driven during the trip. Parents can rest easy, knowing exactly what their sons and daughters are doing while driving. In addition to those tools, the care will log a few more key details during driving, including collision alerts and braking history.

While all this information is fantastic for monitoring driving behavior after the car is parked, you also can set up some features before the car even hits the road. According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) only 61% of high schoolers use a seatbelt while driving with a friend. In response, Chevy added a control that allows parents and drivers to have the option to mute the audio until all the passengers are buckled up. Another feature in the Teen Driver Package is setting a maximum volume, which helps combat the 93% of teen drivers who listen to loud and distracting music. Parents can set a volume, so the teen is able to hear what is happening around them and respond in a safer and more responsible way. The car also can provide auditory and visual alerts when certain speeds are reached, and if it detects a collision threat. Finally, Chevy vehicles also are equipped with OnStar technology, which connects those in the car with an OnStar advisor who will help them in case of an emergency - anything from emergency services, roadside assistance, to navigation.

All these fabulous features are safe and proactive not just for young teenage drivers, but for any driver who wants an extra hand while driving. The visual and auditory cues could help older drivers, too. Cars that keep track of the mileage each trip can be useful for companies who let their employees use a car, or even if someone is renting a car. Uber and Lyft drivers can also benefit from all of these features as well.

Christenson Chevy makes it easy for families of all sizes to have access to this technology. Multiple Chevy vehicles have this Teen Driver Package, including the Colorado, Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe, and multiple others. If there is another vehicle you prefer, such as the Malibu, Volt, or even the Camaro, the feature easily can be installed. You can see all these cars when you visit Christenson Chevy in person on online. Chevy welcomes customers to test drive vehicles and experience the Teen Driver technology for themselves.

While we cannot always avoid all the dangers that happen on our roads, we can always make things easier on ourselves and our children. The Chevy Teen Driver Package helps promote safe driving habits in teenage drivers and everyone else on the road. Sit back and relax - this time your kids can pick up dinner on their way home.