Chesterton Welcomes Residences at Coffee Creek With Groundbreaking Ceremony

Chesterton Welcomes Residences at Coffee Creek With Groundbreaking Ceremony
By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: May 3, 2017

“There is a new hospital to the south. There is a new hospital to the north. What is now in the middle?”

Chesterton Town Councilman, Emerson Delaney was one of the speakers at the Wednesday afternoon groundbreaking ceremony for the new Residences at Coffee Creek senior living center. Standing in the field next to Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve off U.S. 49, in between these two new medical facilities, he spoke to the excited members who all have a part in another new construction project, this time for The Residences at Coffee Creek.

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“Is there not a need for this in our town?” Delaney asked the audience. “For those of you who are not from here, I’ll tell you: yes, there is.”

That middle, empty space is now filled, thanks to the vision of Dr. Prakash Makam, Delaney said.

Makam is the owner of the Residences facility and with Frank Jachim, the general manager of the future facility, the two spread their dream of opening another Residences center.

They chose the Coffee Creek property in Chesterton, and were happily greeted by the town and residents.

“When they came to us, I saw the need to help because I know what we are looking for in this town, and this facility fills that need,” Delaney said.

With the partnership of the Chesterton Town Council, Westshore LLC, Panzica Building Corp, and Centier Bank, the new senior citizen’s home broke the ground on Wednesday, will begin its construction immediately, and will be done by 2018.

For Bernard Doyle, Chesterton Town Manager, the fact Residences chose the small Porter County town to build in is huge and means a great deal, he said.

“It fills an important gap to us, providing a quality independent living center,” Doyle said. “It adds to our philosophy of smart growth, deliberate growth. This is a quality place in a quality location.”

“The new facility will neighbor the trails of Coffee Creek, which will be great for the staff, residents, and their friends and family to enjoy,” said Melissa Huffman, Director Sales and Marketing at Residences at Deer Creek.

“We are tremendously excited for this,” she said. “And, to expand to such an amazing, happy community; it will be a beautiful place.”

The groundbreaking ceremony was held under a tent on the future property. The culinary treats were provided by the chefs of Residences at Deer Creek, and most people navigated around talking and looking at the future plans of the center. With big smiles shining beneath their white hard hats, Lori McLaughlin and Leonard Wychocki of Westshore LLC, Greg Gordon and Paul Thiel of Centier Bank, Tom and Philip Panzica of Panzica Building Corp, Jachim, Makam, Doyle, and Delaney all dug their shovels into the earth, marking the ground for the soon to be construction for a much needed senior citizen space.

Jachim, Makam, and Delaney all understand that to be successful, the most important item in situations like this is the location.

“They recognized what we needed, they recognized the location, and we all saw this was a wonderful and perfect fit for what we are looking for,” Delaney said.

“Plus,” Makim added – with the Coffee Creek water fountain spraying into the air to his left – “the location is truly beautiful. “

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