Chesterton High School Show Choirs Compete in 2015 El Paso-Gridley Invitational

2015-Chesterton-High-School-Show-Choir-El-Paso-01The Chesterton High School Show Choirs and Show Choir Band competed in the El Paso-Gridley High School Invitational hosted in El Paso, IL this past Saturday.

“It was another incredible day for our students capped off by three incredible performances, said choral director Kristin Morris.

The Drifters had their best performance to date and earned ‘first runner up honors’ - their best placement of the season. "Each and every girl stepped up their performance and worked hard to apply the concepts they had been working on in class," said Morris. "I could not be more proud of them."

The Sandpipers earned their second grand championship in a row and also earned the caption of ‘best vocals’. Morris told the students in the warm-up room before their finals performance that they needed to put their best out on the stage and capture the audience and judging panel from the very beginning. “It was incredibly close all day long and we just needed to keep pushing our show to new heights. The group and they definitely did that," commented Morris.

2015-Chesterton-High-School-Show-Choir-El-Paso-02Senior member Jake Merryman said, "It is unbelievable to know that all of our hard work is paying off. Winning ‘best choreography’ at our last competition and winning ‘best vocals’ this weekend really has proven that we can be successful if we keep working hard and believing in ourselves, our group, and our directors."

The students of the CHS Show Choirs are grateful to all the parents who travel with them, cheer them on, help with hair/makeup, and set-up their equipment. All these things help them achieve success this year. Their success would not be possible without their help.

In addition, the group is accompanied by an incredible back-up band comprised of students Rowan Holsen, Mike Lipinski, Robert Rosenau, Amera Abuhakmeh, Delaney Schavey, Dylan Rodriguez, Andrew Figg, Madison Comfort, Collin St. Mary, Violet Needham and Devin Moser, under the direction of Erin Gerig and Gina Jones.

The CHS Show Choirs are under the direction of choral director Kristin Morris and assisted by Kathy Barbian. Also assisting is Rich Clark with technical help, and Alex Hall and Victor Rodriguez with choreography.